Sri Pada (pico Adams)


Samanala Mountains, which is pretty explained in central highlands, is about 2243 meters high. Among all the sacred Buddhist sites in Sabaragamuwa, Adam’s Peak is earlier as it is believed that Lord Buddha’s sacred left footprint is imprinted thereon peak. About Mahawanshaya (a celebrated history of the dynasties of the kings of Ceylon), during his third visit to Sri Lanka, Lord Buddha has set the sacred footprint on top of Adam’s Peak by Sumana Deva’s (God Saman) invitation who fell from spiritual lineage to be the mayor of the region at that time. He achieved an excellent state of fruition after listening to Lord Buddha’s preaching. From then on, he was worshipped, admired and respectfully titled “Sumana Saman Devi Raja” by the people of the Sabaragamuwa range.


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