With its beautiful beaches, colourful coral reefs, and exciting surf spots, Hikkaduwa is a hidden gem on Sri Lanka’s southwestern coast. This seaside haven is about 140 km from Colombo, is a surfer’s dream, and is an excellent place for anyone who loves the beach.

Hikkaduwa is famous for its powerful surf waves, making it the perfect place for surfers looking for excitement. Beyond the waves, the world beneath is fascinating to both divers and snorkelers. Because it is close to exciting ruins and easy to get to PADI-certified dive shops, it is the best place to explore underwater.

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Even though Hikkaduwa Beach might look small, there are lots of ways to relax and have fun there. Hikkaduwa has something for everyone, whether you like to swim, fish, or just lay out in the sun. Its seas and shores are full of fun things to do, so your stay will be full of memories you’ll never forget.

It’s all about timing. Between November and April is the best time to see Hikkaduwa at its most beautiful. The weather is ideal during these months —dry and sunny, perfect for beach activities and exploring the great outdoors.

Reaching Hikkaduwa is a breeze, with several convenient choices at your disposal. Whether you choose the scenic route by train, the local charm of a bus ride, or the flexibility of a taxi or tuk-tuk, your trip to this coastal wonder will be part of the adventure.

Hikkaduwa is more than just its scenic landscapes; it’s a vibrant town of over 100,000 residents across 27 divisions. This blend of tradition and modernity adds to the charm of Hikkaduwa, making it a unique destination that offers both serene beaches and a look into Sri Lankan culture.

  • 195: Wellawatta
  • 200: Hikkaduwa Nagarikaya
  • 205: Wavulagoda West
  • 210: Wavulagoda East
  • 215: Hikkaduwa West
  • 220: Nakanda
  • 225: Hikkaduwa Central
  • 230: Nalagasdeniya
  • 235: Millagoda
  • 240: Pannamgoda
  • 245: Wewala
  • 250: Narigama Wellabada
  • 255: Narigama
  • 260: Kuda Wewala
  • 265: Delgahadoowa
  • 270: Katukoliha
  • 275: Thiranagama
  • 280: Wellabada Thiranagama
  • 285: Patuwatha
  • 290: Gammaduwatta
  • 295: Hennathota
  • 300: Pinkanda
  • 305: Handaudumulla
  • 340: Dodandugoda
  • 345: Modara Patuwatha
  • 350: Dodandoowa
  • 355: Uduhalpitiya
  • Police Station: +94 912 277 222
  • Hospital: +94 912 277 261

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