About Kandy – Sri Lanka

Kandy is Sri Lanka’s last Singhalese Royal Kingdom, with panoramic geography surrounding magnificent peaks in the aisle, 1,600 feet above sea level. The Sacred Tooth Relic Temple, the most respected Buddhist Temple, and The Royal Botanic Gardens, with over 4,000 designated types of flora, are highly known in the city. Kandy was also a well-planned metropolis during Ceylon’s British colonial period (Sri Lanka).
Considering these considerations, UNESCO designated Kandy as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Kandy, the second most populous city in Sri Lanka, has a total area of 1,940 square kilometres and is a popular tourist destination. In addition, Kandy is essential in the different cultures of the Sinhala and Tamil populations. Kandy is one of Sri Lanka’s largest and most culturally significant cities, having a population of roughly 110,000 people.
Kandy comes alive in August because of the Kandy Esala Perehera, an annual ceremony of the Temple of the Sacred Tooth. It generally draws many local and foreign tourists who appreciate cultural monomials and Buddhist origins.
With so many attractions and intriguing locations, these are the most well-known spots in Kandy. There is plenty for all sorts of tourists, from galleries to vistas.

How to Reach Kandy – Sri Lanka

The City of Kandy is accessible by road from all Sri Lankan cities and by rail from Colombo. The most usual way to get to Kandy is to fly to Colombo and then take either the road or the rail, depending on your comfort level. Travelling within the city is very simple, with several taxis and tuk-tuks patrolling throughout the day.

By Train
The Inter-City Express is a low-cost and quick method to go to Kandy. Three trains arrive in the city from Badulla and two from Colombo. The trains contain observation saloons and second-class rooms that must be reserved in advance. In addition, third-class compartments need to be secured. The train travels past gorgeous green hills and villages, adding to the excitement of the voyage.

By Road
Every day, several air-conditioned interstate buses and other public and private buses go from Colombo to Kandy. In reality, several buses stop at the international airport. Taxis are frequently used because they are readily accessible and provide a safe mode of transportation, despite being relatively expensive. If you travel to a large party, minivans may transport you to Kandy comfortably. The trip should take roughly three and a half hours in total.
Kandy is a small city; therefore, strolling or hiring a scooter is one of the finest ways to explore it. Tuk-tuk taxis, on the other hand, are the most common mode of transportation. They are quick and inexpensive and travel to the city’s outskirts. Within the municipal borders, there are several public and private buses. In addition, there is a bus stop directly outside the city railway station for those coming by train.

Attractions in Kandy

Many visitors come to Sri Lanka for the white-sand beaches and epic surf, but deep in the heart of the island’s hilly, emerald-swathed core is a spiritual, lovely place consisting of tea plantations, misty hills, and the iconic blue train carriages.
Kandy, Sri Lanka’s second city and the island’s total historical and cultural capital, is the entryway to this hill-country excitement (and the world’s best train ride!).
With so many attractions and intriguing locations to visit in Kandy, these are the ultimate familiar spots. There is something for everyone, from galleries to vistas.

Best Places to Visit In Kandy

Shopping in Kandy

From presenting stunning views of tea plantations and holding some of the most magnificent Buddhist shrines, Kandy also has a distinct array of goods to buy that will not only indulge the Shopaholic in you. Still, it will also make the tourist in you fall in love with Sri Lanka.
There are several possibilities. Sri Lanka is famous for having so many souvenirs that you would need more money or room in your travel bag. The city has so much to offer, from prominent boutiques to souvenir shops, that you will need to figure out where to begin.

Best Places to Stay in Kandy



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