Balana Fort


Balana Fort, a beacon of historical significance in Sri Lanka, resonates with tales of valor and strategic defense. This site, where foreign invaders aiming at the Kandyan kingdom were repelled, stands as a proud reminder of the resilience of the King’s soldiers in the face of external threats. Today, what remains of this once formidable fortress is primarily its robust granite foundation, laying bare the architectural prowess of the era.

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This fortress, characterized by a distinct square shape, aligns with the slope of a steep hill, hinting at the strategic consideration given to its positioning. The remnants of the structure, particularly the foundation, reveal intriguing details about its design. Notably, there were circular-shaped bastions located at each of the four corners of the fortress. Such architectural features were undoubtedly pivotal in the fort's defensive capabilities, providing a robust framework against attacks.

The location of Balana Fort is not just historically significant but also scenically mesmerizing. Perched at an elevation of around 2,000 feet above sea level, it offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes, including the Bathalagala mountain range, Oorakanda mountain, and the majestic Devanagala rock. These vistas not only add to the allure of Balana Fort but also underscore its strategic importance, as the elevated position would have offered a commanding view of the surrounding areas, crucial for surveillance and defense.

Accessing Balana Fort is an adventure in itself. Visitors must diverge from the main by-road leading to Balana Pass and undertake a trek of approximately 500 meters across a tea estate. This journey, though short, is a walk through history, leading to a location that once stood as a guardian of the Kandyan kingdom. The trek not only brings visitors closer to a significant chapter in Sri Lankan history but also immerses them in the natural beauty that the region is famed for.


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