Surfing beaches of Sri Lanka and Seasons

Important question on everyone’s mouths! What’s the most suitable period of the year to surf in Sri Lanka?
There’s no most suitable surf season in Sri Lanka because it’s totally best. Most utmost periods of the year, you’ll be capable to discover swell someplace.
The south beaches typically peaks out from November to April (both traveller and surfing season). The important exception here is that you’ll however gain waves any period.
Arugam Bay’s surf season is clear! May to September is when Sri Lanka’s long waves turn in, and develop to the start of October, they roll back out. Next, the rains pick up, the town shuts down, and it shifts all but pointless to head east on a Sri Lanka surf journey.

Surfing the beaches of Sri Lanka’s Sothern Coast

Surf in Hikkaduwa

Hikkaduwa holds something for everyone. You’ll discover surf for newcomers and specialists equally, and there are many surf camps and schoolings in Hikkaduwa. The shores get busy in peak season, though, so Hikkaduwa may not be undoubtedly the most suitable selection of surfing in Sri Lanka for the newcomers.

Unawatuna Bay

Unawatuna is more of a family holiday stop, so you’ll be receiving the waves supplementary. You’ll immediately find surf classes in Unawatuna, lightweight sand-bottom breaks for newcomers, and amazing left-hander reefs for the extra experienced. You’ll infrequently discover any real spot in here, but the locals can guide you in the right place.

Midigama Surf Spots

Midigama has unique, sick breaks, and the entire vibe cools out further, too. This is where you’ll gain excellent of the most reliable surf spots in southern Sri Lanka.

Ram’s Right offers something for authentic carvers. Full barrels and wild rides usually rising out at 6 feet.

Lazy Left and Lazy Right offer mellow rides (left and Right severally). Best choices for intermediates or beginners needing to step up their amusement.

Ahangama Surf Spots

Rajith Surf Point is a Classic A-frame peeler that gets up to 5-feet waves riding 350m above the reef.
Kabalana Beach nearby gives long easy waves for newcomers on the beach break, while Surf Point has added a solid A-frame with quick rides for the intermediates.

Weligama Surf Spots

You’ll discover surf in Weligama almost all year round; the bay is defended, then still when other parts of the coast are swelled escape, there’s typically something ridable here.
Several surf schools, surfboard rentals near Weligama Beach, and the beach break are an eccentric town. They are lying on the shore, watching the beach and sunbathe, almost as entertaining as the waves!
There’s a reef break known as Fisherman’s Reef for intermediates plus a few other sweet breaks nearby within Weligama and Midigama to called coconut point.

Surfing in Mirissa

Mirissa is a different tired treasure of Sri Lanka’s spots to go that was roused awake. They’re long sandy wonders backed by palm trees and crystalline waters while the swell is moderate.

Mirissa is a great place for beginners surfing in Sri Lanka who need to straighten up their reef skills. Nevertheless, the reef is shallow when the tide is out. So check the surf reports for Mirissa or, even better, get suggestions from locals.

This beach is a crescent-shaped bay nestled within rocks and a hill, so on-shore winds won’t do as much to disgrace the ride.
The shore break offers mellow waves for beginners surfing in Mirissa. There’s a low-power right-hander near the cliffs and a left-hander near the harbour.

Surfing Hiriketiya and East of Mirissa

Hiriketiya Beach lies in a protected cove; therefore, you’ll find waves nearly all year round, much like Weligama. The beginner surf season in Hiriketiya continues from December to February and the shoulder period (August to December). Later, throughout mid-year, the crowds bugger off, and the southern swell provides you powerful left-hander waves that endure up to 8 footers above a shallow reef. Wipeouts can be merciless, and the take-off point only caters for eight peeps max, so you must understand surfing rules. We’ll get to that.

Consistent surf at a manageable level. Hireketiya has further risen over the current years as a family destination in Sri Lanka.

Talalla Bay

Talalla is one such secret treasure of Sri Lanka. Though this place is beautiful in its way, many tourists and visitors seem to miss out on this little hidden gem.
Encircled by delicious green vegetation and palm groves, this spit of golden sand is a perfect place to enjoy a relaxing time.
The beach accurately represents what any beach should be, and it appears almost uncrowded throughout the day. It is also pretty easy to enter the beach, as it is just a 2-hour drive from the city of Galle.
Swimming at Talalla Beach is secured at all times of the day, and you can dip in the blue waters whenever you feel like diving. Although there are not many possibilities for surfing at Talalla Beach, you can still find some good surfing spots in and around the region.
Talalla Beach is an attractive destination for a family holiday or a weekend getaway from city life.
Low-power swells and often white-water foamies over a sand-bottomed break. Waves close out quickly, but they’re fun, and the beach is quiet and charming.

Surfing the beaches of Sri Lanka’s Eastern Coast

Arugam Bay -Main Point

Arugam Bay is a typical idea park of opportunities. Long barrel rides, technical at times, also most beaches in Arugam Bay have a junior and main point.
To repeat: the surfing season in Arugam Bay lasts from May to November, season though, the town fills with many travellers, certainly, but still an overall backpackers vibe and everyone hit the beach every day.
The surf spots in Arugam Bay are full, but you can spot times when there are fewer people.
There are many surfboard rental and surf lessons in Arugam Bay; you’re going to have nothing difficulty getting that.

Elephant Rock - Arugam Bay

Elephant Rock, titled after the rock’s assumed similarity to an elephant, is a popular surf spot for beginners, positioned only 4km away from Arugam Bay. Although Elephant Rock may be well known, it is one of the least crowded beaches on the island, primarily due to its lack of road access. To get here, you must take a tuk-tuk, get dropped off at the main road, and from there, it’s just a little walk.

Pottuvil Point

Pottuvil Point is a somewhat obvious point break that has much consistent wave. The most favourable wind direction is from the west southwest, and there is no shade here from cross-shore breezes. Wind swells and groundswells in equivalent weight, and the perfect swell direction is from the south southeast. There is no point break. It can be seldom packed.
Many take-off points with unique of the best right-handers waves in Sri Lanka can change up to 800m rides. Tides vary a set, and the sand makes it another fan-favourite with surfs.

Whiskey Point - Pottuvil

Waves perform to stay compatible hereabouts, even if they’re bad everywhere else. Take-offs are clear, and you’re seeing at fat and slow right-handers, giving it another beginner’s choice of surf in Whisky point near Pottuvil.
The waves break off a rocky land near the beach, forming excellent surfing conditions. It also can vary from 1–4 metres depending on the direction. This is where surfers can examine their abilities, as the waves take you towards the beach and you feel the adrenaline hastening on game sense.

Okanda surf point

Okanda is a great walled-up performance wave with quite a hollow little inside segment. There is also a slight chance of getting covered on the takeoff – if you can be tried paddling onto the trailing edge of the whale-shaped rock shelf. Okanda picks up quite as much swell as Arugam Bay, though it is more sheltered from the prevailing south/southeast trade winds that tend to kick in like precision around mid-morning every day. 

Okanda is a lot messier than the other opportunities, but you’ll get excellent full-on surf if it’s working. 

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