Ambuluwawa Tower

Ambuluwawa Mountain near Gampola, Sri Lanka, is home to the notable Ambuluwawa Tower. The tower is a well-liked tourist destination and gives excellent panoramic views of the surroundings. On the mountain sits a Buddhist temple called Sri Saranatissa Dhamma Kuta Vihara, which includes the tower.

A 48-meter structure, the Ambuluwawa Tower, was constructed in 2014. (157 feet). Visitors can go to the tower’s highest level to take in the jaw-dropping vistas. The building has seven storeys. The tower is made of concrete and steel and is meant to withstand strong winds and earthquakes.

Each tower level represents a different part of Buddhist thought, giving the structure a distinctive appearance. The first level and the water by the second represent the ground. Fire and wind are characterised by the third and fourth levels, respectively. The sixth level is consciousness, while the fifth level is space. Nirvana is symbolised by the seventh level, which is the highest level.

Ambuluwawa Tower view from gound

Due to the tower’s high steps and tight staircases, the walk to the summit is challenging. However, visitors are rewarded with breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and valleys, so the effort is worthwhile. Visitors may even glimpse the far shoreline on a clear day.

The history and cultural importance of the Ambuluwawa mountain are displayed at a tiny museum at the base of the tower. The museum’s displays highlight the mountain’s biodiversity and significance to Sri Lankan history and culture.

Buddhism-related pilgrims and tourists frequently visit the Sri Saranatissa Dhamma Kuta Vihara, which is close to the tower. The temple is well-known for its serene setting, stunning architecture, and opportunity for visitors to understand Buddhist doctrine.

The Ambuluwawa Tower is renowned for its environmental measures and cultural value. The tower is meant to be energy-efficient and is powered by a combination of solar and wind turbines. The mountain also features a system for collecting and storing rainwater for use later.

Ambuluwawa Tower view from top

Ambuluwawa Location Overview 

Ambuluwawa is a mountain that can be found near Gampola, a town in Sri Lanka’s Kandy District. The hill is renowned for its diverse ecosystem and its breathtaking views of the surroundings. Hikers, nature enthusiasts, and tourists visiting the Kandy region frequently visit it.

The words “Ambulu” and “Wawa,” which in Sinhalese indicate “mango” and “peak,” respectively, are the origin of the name “Ambuluwawa.” The name of the mountain comes from its alleged resemblance to a mango.

Ambuluwawa Tower location

Ambuluwawa is reachable by road and is situated around 5 kilometres from Gampola. The mountain has a surface area of around 325 acres and is 1,150 metres above sea level. Many indigenous kinds of plants and animals may be found on the hill. Visitors may witness many different types of trees, bushes, and vegetation when they ascend the mountain.

Ambuluwawa is a challenging climb that takes two to three hours to complete. Visitors will come across several rest areas and vistas along the trip, where they may pause and take in the mesmerising views of the surroundings. Ambuluwawa is a distinctive and lovely location in Sri Lanka, providing a mix of sustainable, cultural, and natural attractions. It is a must-see for anybody visiting the Kandy area of Sri Lanka.

view from Ambuluwawa Tower

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