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Ravindu Dilshan Illangakoon is a distinguished co-founder and Head of Content at Sri Lanka Travel Pages, specializing in web development and article writing.

Ravindu Dilshan Illangakoon is a well-known name in the tourism business of Sri Lanka for his work in creating digital content and building websites. Ravindu has helped shape the online image of Sri Lankan tourism as the co-founder and Head of Content at Sri Lanka Travel Pages. With a Master of Science in Project Management and a Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering, he has a solid academic background that has helped him advance in the digital world. This schooling has given him the technical skills and business knowledge to lead and develop new ideas.

In the past seven years, Ravindu has worked on improving his article writing skills. He now specialises in making exciting content that captures the essence of Sri Lankan culture, history, and tourist attractions. But he is good at more than just writing. He is very good at making websites and tools; many people know about this. Ravindu beat the other five best web ideas worldwide to win the prestigious Singapore Vivo Best Web Contest 2019. This award was a nod to his ability to make digital platforms look good and work well together.

In addition to his technical and creative skills, Ravindu has made a big difference in the tourist industry. For 2022–2023, he was given Asia’s Innovative Travel Portal Award. This award shows his importance in making Sri Lanka Travel Pages a dynamic and cutting-edge website that effectively promotes Sri Lanka as a top travel spot.

Ravindu’s work at Sri Lanka Travel Pages combines new ideas, strong leadership, and a deep understanding of both the technical side of web development and the specific needs of creating content for the travel business. Under his direction, the platform has provided a wealth of interesting travel information and made a big difference in Sri Lanka’s digital tourism scene.

Ravindu Dilshan Illangakoon’s accomplishments and ongoing contributions show how combining technology and imagination can raise industry standards and improve the user experience. His story shows how hard work, knowledge, and a clear goal can help someone become successful and influential in a competitive field.



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