Arugam Bay Beach


Arugam Bay beach is located on the Indian Ocean on Sri Lanka's South-East coast. The Bay is found 220 km due East of Colombo. Arugambay is necessary for fishing and tourism activities. In addition, it is considered to be one of the ten great surfing places in the world. International surfers choose between May to September each year.

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Arugam Bay is truly a paradise on earth, offering the best of a classic tropical holiday. With its ideal conditions for surfing, pristine white sandy beaches, breathtaking crimson sunsets, and various beachfront guest houses and hotels, Arugam Bay is the perfect destination for those seeking a memorable vacation. Located approximately 342 kilometres east of Colombo, Arugam Bay can be reached within about 7 hours by private and public transportation, such as buses.

Pristine Beaches and Tranquility

What makes Arugam Bay particularly attractive is its pristine beach. The white sandy coastline invites visitors to indulge in lazy afternoons, swaying gently on hammocks while listening to the soothing sound of the ocean. However, Arugam Bay is not solely defined by its beautiful beach; it has gained worldwide fame as a premier surfing location and a hidden paradise.

Surfing Paradise and Quality Breaks

Arugam Bay boasts a plethora of quality surf breaks, attracting surfers from all corners of the globe. The most renowned among them is 'Main Point.' Additionally, surf enthusiasts can explore other popular point breaks such as Potuvil Point, Whiskey Point, Elephant Rock, and Crocodile Rock, aptly named for resembling a sunbathing crocodile. As you stroll along the coastline, there's a chance you might even spot herds of wild elephants during the enchanting evening hours. If you haven't tried surfing before, don't worry—Arugam Bay offers affordable surfing classes to cater to all skill levels.

Scenic Beauty and Natural Wonders

Arugam Bay stretches along a long sandy coastal strip punctuated by charming fishing villages. Unlike the bustling commercialization on the western coast, Arugam Bay retains its natural beauty and tranquillity, making it an idyllic tropical holiday destination. Whether you're an avid surfer or simply seeking picturesque scenery, Arugam Bay captivates visitors with its captivating landscapes.

Balanced Tourism Development

As tourism has flourished in Arugam Bay, the area now boasts a range of accommodation options to suit different budgets and preferences. From luxurious resorts to budget-friendly guesthouses, visitors can find a place to stay that suits their needs while enjoying the natural wonders and charm of the area.

Fishing Trips and Cultural Experiences

Given the cluster of fishing villages around Arugam Bay, tourists can embark on fishing trips, immersing themselves in the local fishing methods and gaining insights into the vibrant coastal culture. In addition, the friendly locals and the captivating beauty of Arugam Bay create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, appealing to adventurous divers and those seeking a serene and sunny beach.


1. Is Arugam Bay suitable for beginners in surfing? Arugam Bay offers beginner surfing classes at reasonable prices, making it an ideal destination to learn and improve surfing skills.

2. When is the best time to visit Arugam Bay? June to August is the best time to visit Arugam Bay, as the weather and wave conditions are most favourable.

3. Can I witness wildlife in Arugam Bay? Arugam Bay is known for its wild elephant sightings, especially during the evening hours. Keep an eye out as you explore the coastal area.

4. Are there luxurious accommodation options in Arugam Bay? Yes, Arugam Bay has seen the development of luxury resorts alongside budget-friendly accommodations, ensuring a range of choices for visitors.

5. How long does it take to reach Arugam Bay from Colombo? The journey from Colombo to Arugam Bay takes approximately 7 hours by private and public transportation options, such as buses.



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