Ranawana Royal Temple


The Ranawana Royal Temple, nestled in the serene village of Ranawana in Sri Lanka's Kandy District, is a testament to the country's profound Buddhist heritage. More than just a place of worship, this temple, established over 500 years ago, embodies the intricate tapestry of spiritual enlightenment, historical richness, and cultural significance. This article embarks on a journey through the temple's history, architectural grandeur, and pivotal role in the community, offering a comprehensive insight into one of Sri Lanka's most revered spiritual destinations.

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Founded during the Gampola era, the temple was spearheaded by the noble Henakanda Biso Bandara and Ranawana Mohottala. These influential figures played a crucial role in establishing this sacred site, bringing the holy relics of Lord Buddha from India to its sanctuary​​. As mentioned in the Ran Sannasa, this Ranna Sannasa was given to a monk named Ranavana Vedarala, who was born to Ranavana Mohottala in 1602. This shows that the work done first by his father, Ranavana Mohottala and Hamithi, was further completed, the three bodhis were established, the work was completed in the temple, seven anvils of mud were offered with a deed to the Haguranketha Mahavasala and handed over to the elders of Buluwa that the door remains open.

The temple boasts a unique architectural element - a replica of the Northern Gateway of the Sanchi Stupa in India. This feature enhances its aesthetic appeal and forges a historical link with one of Buddhism's most iconic structures​​.

The temple pays homage to the 28 Buddhas who attained enlightenment, each under a different species of Bodhi tree. This diverse representation underlines the universal path to enlightenment embraced in Buddhist philosophy​​.

The temple's depictions of Prince Siddhartha's renunciation of material comforts in his quest for truth serve as inspiration. His journey, supported by minister Channa and his horse Kanthaka, is a pivotal moment in Buddhist history, profoundly represented within the temple's confines​​.

Beyond being a place of worship, the Ranawana Royal Temple plays a vital role in the community through its Dhamma School. This educational initiative reflects the temple's commitment to nurturing the spiritual growth of local Buddhist children​​.

The temple in Peradeniya is set atop a hill, requiring visitors to ascend 500-600 steps. This physical journey to One of the world's tallest walking Buddha statues symbolises a pilgrim's spiritual ascent, surrounded by various Buddhist statues that enrich the experience​​.

With a 1km walk around its premises, the Ranawana Royal Temple offers a tranquil environment for reflection and meditation. Its stunning beauty makes it a must-visit destination for those seeking peace and spiritual connection​​.

The Ranawana Royal Temple is not just a mere structure; it's a living, breathing embodiment of Sri Lanka's rich Buddhist legacy. Its historical roots and spiritual and community-oriented ethos make it a beacon of serenity and enlightenment. Whether you're a spiritual seeker, a history enthusiast, or a lover of architectural beauty, this temple is a journey worth taking.



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