Bahirawakanda Temple – Kandy


The Sri Maha Bodhi Temple at Bahirawakanda is a beautiful and mountainous area near Kandy Town. Numerous tourists are fascinated by the giant Buddha statue built with people’s generous contributions organised by Ven. Ampitiye Dammarama Thero, the monastery, was begun in 1972. The giant Buddha’s statue displays one of the major attractions in Kandy.
After the opening of the image, more and more people began to visit the temple. As a result, this magnificent white Buddha statue can be seen throughout Kandy city.

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The Temple of Bahirawakanda's Architecture

The architecture of the Bahirawakanda Temple is a combination of traditional Sri Lankan and Indian traditions. The temple is home to an 88-foot-tall Buddha statue, making it one of the enormous Buddha sculptures in Sri Lanka. The figure comprises white-painted concrete with gold highlights on its hands and feet. The monks of the temple maintain the landscape surrounding the monument.

Importance of the Bahirawakanda Temple

The Bahirawakanda Temple is an important Buddhist pilgrimage site in Sri Lanka. The temple bestows good fortune and riches upon anyone who visits and prays there. In addition, many residents seek blessings at the temple for significant life events such as marriages, births, and examinations.

Visiting Bahirawakanda Temple: A Remarkable Experience

Visiting the Bahirawakanda Temple is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to immerse oneself in Sri Lanka's rich culture and history. Everyone is invited to explore the temple grounds and participate in the temple's rites and ceremonies, regardless of their faith or origin. The temple is also an excellent venue to learn more about Buddhism and its importance in Sri Lankan culture.

The Perfect Time to Visit Bahirawakanda Temple

The ideal time to visit the Bahirawakanda Temple is often July or August, during the annual Kandy Perahera celebration. This celebration is a spectacular procession honouring the Buddha's Tooth Relic and a must-see for anybody in Sri Lanka. During the festival, the temple is illuminated and adorned with vibrant decorations, and there are several cultural performances and events to enjoy.

How to Access Bahirawakanda Temple

The Bahirawakanda Temple is conveniently placed in the middle of Kandy, making it accessible from everywhere in Sri Lanka. Several travel organisations provide guided tours of the temple. In addition, the temple is accessible by automobile, bus, or train. The temple is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and there is no charge to visit.



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