Kandy Esala Perahera Pageant 2023

History and schedule of the Esala Perahara

The Sacred Tooth Relic, sheltered at the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic in the city of Kandy in the central province, is believed and honoured as the alive Lord Buddha. There are daily, weekly and annual poojas and ceremonies. Dalada Perahera pageant, famously comprehended as the Kandy Esala Perahera, retained in July (Esala ) yearly, is among them. Therefore, the spectacle is considered the embodiment of the country’s Buddhist festivities and is sanctified with god. According to Maha Parinibbana suthrya of Deegha Chapter, among a few other sacred relics, the four sacred tooth relics stayed untouched following Mahaparinirvana. Lord Buddha’s left canine tooth out of the four Tooth Relics, which was blessed with Sri Saddhamma for 45 years, was conveyed to Sri Lanka due to the ongoing battles during King Mutaseewa in the empire of Kalinga. Prince Dantha and Princess Hemamala brought the Tooth Relic to Sri Lanka during the reign of King Kithsirimewan, desiring protection for the Sacred Tooth Relic. This happening assumed a place in 310 A.D.

Following the appearance of the Sacred Tooth Relic, it was foremost sheltered in the Isurumuniya Vihara Temple and was praised and honoured with the Dalada Perahera pageant by King Kithsirimewan. King and the citizens created it as an annual occasion served in the Anuradhapura kingdom, expecting convenient rain and a good crop.

During Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Dambadeniya, Yapahuwa, Kurunegala, Gampola, Kotte, Seethawaka and Kandy periods annual Dalada Perahera functioned as a showcase of the control of the Sacred Tooth Relic along with all traditions and Poojas.
King Wimaladharmasooriya was crowned; he was not regarded as the absolute ruler among residents since he did not have control of the Sacred Tooth Relic. Therefore, plenteous endeavors were driven by him to convey the sacred tooth relic to the kingdom of Kandy (Senkadagala ). After that, underneath the safeguard of Dewanagala Rathnalankara Thero, the Sacred Tooth Relic was privately obtained from Sabaragamuwa Delagamuwa Maha Viharaya to Kandy through Uva province and was first set in the Gedige Viharaya in Asgiriya, Kandy.

According to the stories of the past, a majesty temple was constructed for the Sacred Tooth Relic on the premises of the Royal castle. As a consequence, the Temple of Tooth Relic in Kandy was designated.
Sri Dalada Perahera pageant, which persisted in settling commendation to the Sacred Tooth Relic with countless ceremonies and concerts, was carried out in July until the nation was utterly inhabited by the British in 1815 A.D. after that, it was approved by the British colonizers, who made the country a kingless condition, to serve Sri Dalada Perahera and the practices applicable to the Sacred Tooth Relic constantly, with the guardianship of a Diyawadana Nilame (Chief Custodian).

The ceremony of the Dalada Perahera pageant, established on Buddhist carefulness and compassion, integrated with the practices of Devala, prioritized the greatest humanity. The Kandy Esala Perahera parades in the streets and is honoured by the god, society and elephants. Perahara pageant is considered the oldest cultural celebration in the world and persists with its bright, enchanting completing it an out-of-this-world experience.

Kandy Esala Perahera 2023

Perahera EventDayTime
Ceremony of planting 'Kap' (auspicious post)  
1st Kumbal Perahera21st August 2023 
2nd Kumbal Perahera22nd August 2023 
3rd Kumbal Perahera23rd August 2023 
4th Kumbal Perahera24th August 2023 
5th Kumbal Perahera25th August 2022 
Perahera EventDayTime
1st Randoli Perahera26th August 2023 
2nd Randoli Perahera27th August 2023 
3rd Randoli Perahera28th August 2023 
4th Randoli Perahera29th August 2022 
Final Randoli Perahera30th August 2023 
Water Cutting Ceremony (Diya Kapeema)31st August 2023 
Day Perahera31st August 2023 

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