Rangala Natural Pool


Rangala Natural Pool is found in the Rangala village in the town of Teldeniya in Kandy-Mahiyangana road near Kandy. This is one of the most immeasurable natural pools in the Knuckles range.

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Rangala, a small village between Theldeniya and Kandy, has gained popularity among travellers thanks to its natural beauty. One of the most talked-about attractions in the area is the natural pool located just above a small bridge over the Kotaganga River, originating from the Knuckles mountain range. However, this idyllic spot holds a dark secret that has claimed the lives of several visitors in recent years.

The Location and Access to Rangala's Natural Pool

Rangala's natural pool can be reached by taking either the Werapitiya Road from Theldeniya or the more picturesque route through Katugasthota, Madawala, and Huluganga. The pool can be seen just above a small bridge over the Kotaganga River, with crystal-clear water flowing calmly through two boulders. It's a beautiful sight but also one that hides a dangerous truth.

The Hidden Danger of Rangala's Natural Pool

Despite its attractive appearance, Rangala's natural pool has claimed the lives of at least four visitors since its popularity skyrocketed on social media in 2017. The pool's depth reaches over 30 feet, making it a potential death trap for unwary swimmers. The bodies of those who drowned were stuck so deep that even Navy divers had to be called in to locate and retrieve them.

The Risks of Swimming in Rangala's Natural Pool

Due to the danger posed by the pool's depth, it's strongly advised not to swim in Rangala's natural pool. Even experienced swimmers should exercise caution, as the water flow can change rapidly based on the rainfall in the catchment regions. The water may appear calm for one moment but can quickly turn into a powerful current that can sweep even the strongest swimmers off their feet.

Exploring Rangala's Other Natural Pools

Despite the risks associated with Rangala's natural pool, there are still plenty of natural pools created by rocks and boulders along the stream that visitors can explore. These pools are generally safer, as they are shallower and do not have the same strong currents as the main pool. There is also a footpath beside the bridge where visitors can walk along the stream and enjoy the beautiful scenery without risking their lives.

Rangala's natural pool is a beautiful sight that has captured the imagination of many travellers. However, it's important to remember that appearances can be deceiving. The pool's depth and strong currents make it dangerous to swim, and visitors should exercise caution and stay away from the main pool. Instead, they can explore the other natural pools along the stream and enjoy the stunning beauty of Rangala without risking their lives.


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