Huluganga Falls


Huluganga Falls, in the quaint Huluganga Town in the Central Province of Sri Lanka, is a majestic testament to the region's natural heritage. Revered by local villagers, this stunning waterfall, situated approximately 30 kilometres from Kandy, boasts a height of around 75 meters, gracing the nearby villages of Elliyadda and Aratthana with a delicate sprinkle of its cascading waters.

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The Hulu River, the lifeblood of Huluganga Falls, originates from the Knuckles Mountain Range, also known as the "Mist-laden Mountain Range." Cloaked in thick cloud layers, this mountain range gives birth to several waterfalls, with Huluganga Falls being one of its most captivating creations. The Hulu River continues its journey, flowing downstream into the Victoria Reservoir, home to the tallest dam in Sri Lanka—the Victoria Dam.

Huluganga Falls has recently gained popularity among locals thanks to its feature in the widely-watched television show "Mansion by the Fall." The exhibition showcased the area's breathtaking beauty and brought attention to the cultural and natural wonders that define Huluganga Town.

One remarkable aspect of Huluganga Falls is the pristine condition of the river that feeds it. Even during periods of rain, the river remains clear of mud, a testament to the rocks, grass, and plant life lining its bed. The overall lower levels of environmental pollution in the area contribute to maintaining the river's clarity, adding to the allure of this natural gem.

Devathura Falls, situated approximately 26 km from Nuwara-Eliya, offers a tranquil escape from the bustling city life. The journey along the Peradeniya – Badulla – Chenkaladi Highway up to Ramboda is a scenic route that sets the stage for the natural spectacle awaiting travellers. The lush greenery, winding roads, and glimpses of the cascading waterfall make this journey an integral part of the adventure.

Adjacent to Devathura Falls lies the old Nuwara-Eliya road, once frequented before the Ramboda Tunnel era. This narrow road, though challenging to fathom in today's context, carries historical significance, providing a glimpse into the way people traversed the area before modern infrastructure.


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