National Museum of Kandy


Sri Lanka's historical tapestry is intricately woven, and one gem preserving this rich heritage is the Kandy National Museum. Formerly known as "Palle Vahala," this museum, established in 1942, offers a captivating journey through the island's past, specifically the Kandyan era (17-19 century A.D.). Let's delve into the museum's origins, collections, and pivotal role in safeguarding and promoting Sri Lankan culture. The museum finds its roots in the Palle Vahala building, initially serving as the residence of the Diyawadana Nilame during the Kingdom of Kandy. Later, in 1942, under British Governor Sir Henry Monck-Mason Moore's guidance, it transformed into the National Museum Kandy.

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The museum's extensive collections encompass archaeology, art, crafts, and anthropology. Let's look at the different sections that provide a unique glimpse into Sri Lanka's past. Discover a remarkable collection of ancient tools, pottery, statues, and stone inscriptions that unveil Sri Lanka's prehistoric and early historical periods. Explore the vibrant world of traditional Sri Lankan costumes and jewellery, showcasing the diversity and craftsmanship of the island's different regions. Delve into a dedicated section featuring artifacts related to Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam, offering a deeper understanding of Sri Lanka's religious heritage. Art enthusiasts can rejoice in the museum's collection of paintings, reflecting the evolution of Sri Lankan art through different periods.

The colonial period's significance comes to life with artifacts from the Dutch, Portuguese, and British periods, providing insights into the island's colonial history. Explore ethnographic collections showcasing traditional tools, household items, musical instruments, and ritual objects, offering a window into the island's diverse ethnic communities. The National Museum of Kandy is crucial in preserving and promoting Sri Lankan culture. Safeguarding historical artifacts and artworks fosters a sense of identity and pride among the local population.

Beyond preservation, the museum is an educational resource, allowing visitors to connect with their heritage and gain a deeper appreciation for Sri Lanka's rich cultural legacy. Explore how the museum's architecture seamlessly blends with Kandy's natural beauty, creating a serene and captivating visitor experience. Engage with interactive displays and multimedia presentations that bring artifacts to life through informative and entertaining narratives. Discover the value of guided tours led by knowledgeable staff, providing insights and context to the exhibits. Educational programs cater to students and researchers interested in exploring Sri Lankan culture. Wrap up your visit by exploring the well-stocked shop offering books, replicas, and traditional handicrafts. The café provides a relaxing space for visitors to enjoy a cup of Ceylon tea or sample local delicacies.

The National Museum Kandy actively contributes to research and education by providing scholars and researchers access to its extensive archives, aiding in the exploration and documentation of Sri Lanka's cultural heritage. Learn how the museum collaborates with academic institutions, hosting workshops and seminars to understand further and appreciate the island's rich history.


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