Gerandi Ella Waterfalls


Nestled along the scenic A25, also known as the Mahiyangana Road, the journey from Kandy to Mahiyanganaya presents travellers with a captivating sight – the Kalugala Gerandi Ella Waterfall. This expansive cluster of waterfalls can be spotted on the left side of the road, distant yet beautiful, towards Kalugala.

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Unveiling the Rat Snake Waterfalls of Sri Lanka

In the realm of Sri Lankan waterfalls, there exists a fascinating category known as "Garandi Ella," which translates to "Rat Snake Waterfall." This name is inspired by the sinuous flow of these waterfalls, resembling the slithering movement of a rat snake. The allure of this likeness has bestowed this title upon numerous waterfalls across the country. Among these, the renowned Gerandi Ella, also called Gerandigini Ella, claims its place in the Tawalantanna region.

The Cascading Beauty of Kalugala Gerandi Ella

The Kalugala Gerandi Ella Waterfall presents itself in cascading segments, with the top four components visible from the Mahiyanganaya Road. When these segments combine, the overall height of the waterfall, starting from the pinnacle of Gerandi Gala, reaches an impressive range of 200 to 240 meters.

A Grueling Trek to Gerandigala

While the prospect of hiking to witness the Kalugala Gerandi Ella Waterfall is undoubtedly thrilling, it is worth noting that the journey is anything but easy. The trail is marked by its strenuous nature, featuring nearly vertical stretches that demand physical endurance. This demanding hike promises a sense of accomplishment for those brave enough to tackle its challenges. The trail's intensity is punctuated by segments where hikers must navigate narrow paths at angles ranging from 60 to 80 degrees. However, the reward awaiting at the summit of Gerandigala Mountain is well worth the effort, offering a vast, plateau-like expanse to explore.

The Vista from Gerandigala

Upon reaching the peak of Gerandi Ella waterfall, a panoramic spectacle unfolds before you. The elevated vantage point allows you to feast your gaze upon many mountains and landscapes. Dumbanagala, Yahangala, Kehelpothdoruwa, Galpadihela, Namunukula, Kokagala, Koboneelagala, Dothalugala, Nawanagala, Aliakotagala, and Piduruthalagala are among the prominent peaks that grace the horizon. Furthermore, the panoramic view encompasses Udadumbara, Kalugala, Mahiyangana, Sorabora Wewa, Ulhitiya, Deanston Mini World's End, and Kalugala Village.

Experience the Majesty

To truly appreciate the awe-inspiring beauty of Kalugala Gerandi Ella Waterfall and its surrounding landscapes, embarking on this adventure is a must for any hiking enthusiast. While the journey may be arduous, the sense of accomplishment and the breathtaking views make every step worthwhile.

The journey to Kalugala Gerandi Ella Waterfall in Sri Lanka offers a blend of challenge and reward, taking hikers through vertical terrains to a summit that reveals a stunning panorama of mountains and landscapes. This adventure provides an unparalleled experience for those willing to brave the arduous trek. It is an essential destination for nature enthusiasts and hikers seeking an unforgettable encounter with nature's beauty.


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