Laxapana Falls


The Laxapana Falls holds a grand 126 metres in height. This would make it the country’s eighth tallest waterfall, only surpassed by behemoths like Dunhinda and Babarakanda Falls. It is located in Nuwara Eliya – in the Maskeliya area, right next to a small village called Kiriwan Eliya, to be exact. The Laxapana Falls is formed by the Maskeliya Oya, right around the extent that it forms up with the Kehelgamu Oya to form the famous Kelani River. AS of right now, the waterfall gives its name to the Laxapana Hydro-Electric Stations, which are found close to each other. These are significant sources of power for the whole country.

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Laxapana Falls is a famous site in Sri Lanka that has a lot of historical value. It was found during the time when Britain had colonies there, and it has since become a popular tourist spot. "Laxapana" means "a thousand lights," a poetic reference to the way the sunlit water drops sparkle as the falls plunge over rocky cliffs.

Laxapana Falls are in the Maskeliya area and can be reached from many places in Sri Lanka. Hatton, which is the closest town, is where most people start their journey. You can get to Hatton by car or train, and then it's just a short drive to the falls' opening. The stunning views of tea plantations and rolling hills make the trip more enjoyable.

Laxapana Falls is a beautiful, three-tiered waterfall that rises about 126 metres (413 feet) high. The valley is filled with the strong sound of water crashing against rocks, creating a natural symphony that is both soothing and energising.

The area around Laxapana Falls is a wildlife hotspot, with lots of native and rare species living there. Birdwatchers will love it because it's home to species like the bright kingfisher and the Sri Lankan hill mina. The presence of numerous species of butterflies makes the already stunning location even more magical.

Laxapana Falls is beautiful in its own right, but they is also culturally important. People in the area see it as a holy place. People can see traditional ceremonies and offerings, which adds a cultural element to their trip. Laxapana Falls is a one-of-a-kind place to visit because it combines nature and faith.

Laxapana Falls has a lot to offer people who like to try new things. Everyone can find something they enjoy, from hiking in the hills nearby to get a view of the whole area to swimming in the clear ponds made by the falls. People who like photography can catch the mesmerising beauty of the falls from different angles.

When visiting Laxapana Falls, safety is the most important thing. Because the ground is slippery, you should wear shoes with good grip. To make sure they stay safe, visitors should follow safety rules and stay on marked paths.

You can visit Laxapana Falls at any time of the year, but the best time is from December to April, when it is dry. This time of year should have good weather and the most water flow, making the falls look their most impressive. Even though it rains a lot, the falls are still beautiful to see.



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