Ayagama is a Divisional Secretariat Division located on the western edge of the Ratnapura District in Sri Lanka, known for its distinctive geographical and climatic features. This division is bordered by Kuruwita to the north, alongside the Kalu Ganga River, Alapata to the east, Kalawana to the south, and the Western Province to the west. Covering a total area of approximately 151 square kilometres or 15,170 hectares, Ayagama ranks 11th in size among the Divisional Secretariat Divisions within the Ratnapura District. It has a population of around 31,000 residents.
The topography of Ayagama is characterized by its significant variations in elevation, ranging from 20 to 1,400 meters above sea level. This variation is part of the Highland series of the Precambrian period, showcasing steep mountain ranges that extend from north to south, visible from west to east. Amidst these mountain ranges lies a small central plain, making the region predominantly steep and rugged.

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Ayagama Sri Lanka

Ayagama’s climate is influenced by its location in the southwest humid zone of Sri Lanka, resulting in a humid climate throughout the year. The average annual temperature in the area is approximately 27.7 degrees Celsius, with the highest average temperature reaching 32.29 degrees Celsius and the minimum average temperature dropping to 23.15 degrees Celsius.

The precipitation patterns in Ayagama are defined by three main types of rainfall: the Southwest monsoon rains, the Northeast monsoon rains, and convection rains. These precipitation patterns contribute to the area’s lush greenery and the richness of its natural environment, supporting a diverse range of flora, fauna, and agricultural activities. The climate and topography of Ayagama make it a unique and significant region within the Ratnapura District, characterized by its natural beauty and the richness of its cultural and environmental heritage.

  • Dumbara (GN Code: 005)
  • Katepola (GN Code: 010)
  • Dethabada Kanda (GN Code: 015)
  • Madabaddara (GN Code: 020)
  • Pahala Galthura (GN Code: 025)
  • Galathura (GN Code: 030)
  • Sinhalagoda (GN Code: 035)
  • Gangodakanda (GN Code: 040)
  • Dumbara Manana (GN Code: 045)
  • Gavaragiriya (GN Code: 050)
  • Pitakanda (GN Code: 055)
  • Pallekada (GN Code: 060)
  • Ellahena (GN Code: 065)
  • Vithanagama (GN Code: 070)
  • Ayagama (GN Code: 075)
  • Udugala North (GN Code: 080)
  • Kolambewa (GN Code: 085)
  • Udugala (GN Code: 090)
  • Paragala (GN Code: 095)
  • Pimbura (GN Code: 100)
  • Nikagoda (GN Code: 105)
  • Police Station: +94 045 2250122
  • Base Hospital: +94 452 250 061

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