Dosa Café

Experience the authentic taste of South Indian cuisine right in the heart of Badulla, Sri Lanka, at Dosa Café. Known for its paper-thin dosas and impeccable service, this culinary haven promises an unforgettable dining experience.  Dosa Café offers more than just a meal; it provides an experience. Its inviting ambience and strategic location make it a must-visit for food enthusiasts and travel lovers. The café specialises in paper dosas, served in various flavours, including the ever-popular Masala and Egg varieties.

A Culinary Journey to Badulla

Dosa Café is not just a restaurant; it's a gateway to exploring the rich flavours of Sri Lanka. Its standout feature is undoubtedly the dosas that draw inspiration from South Indian cuisine, perfectly adapted to the local palate. Here, food is more than sustenance; it celebrates culture and tradition.

The Menu Highlights

The café's menu is a testament to the versatility of the dosa, with the Masala and Egg dosas being the crown jewels. Each dish is prepared meticulously, ensuring a blend of flavours tantalising the taste buds and leaving diners craving more.

The Secret to Their Success

What sets Dosa Café apart is its unwavering commitment to freshness and quality. Every ingredient is carefully selected to guarantee a dining experience that's not just delicious but also wholesome. The café's cleanliness and hygiene standards are exemplary, reflecting their dedication to customer well-being.

Customer Service Excellence

Dosa Café understands the value of good service. Whether you're a weary traveller seeking a quick bite or a food lover on the hunt for new flavours, the staff's prompt, attentive, and friendly service ensures a dining experience that's both satisfying and memorable.

The Perfect End to a Long Journey

For those arriving in Badulla after a long journey, Dosa Café offers a warm welcome. Its quick preparation and takeaway options are perfect for guests eager to settle in and relax, making it an ideal stop for locals and tourists.

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