Haragolla National Park


Horagolla National Park is a small yet picturesque national park in Sri Lanka's Western Province/Gampaha District, close to Nittambuwa. It is one of the few low-country wet zone evergreen national parks in Sri Lanka, offering a blend of nature and tranquillity for a scenic escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. In this writing, we will explore the rich bio-diversity of the park, the various species of flora and fauna that call it home, the history and route to the park, and everything else you need to know before visiting.

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Location and Size of the Park

Horagolla National Park is the smallest national park in Sri Lanka, covering only 13 hectares (33 acres). It is located in the Western Province/Gampaha District, a short distance from Nittambuwa City. This park belongs to the lowland wet zone evergreen forest category and is managed by the Sri Lanka Wildlife Department.

Flora and Fauna of the Park

Unlike other national parks in Sri Lanka, Horagolla National Park is rich in flora over fauna. Visitors can expect towering trees, replacing the skyscrapers they are accustomed to. The chirping of different species of birds that live in these trees forms the primary source of entertainment. Occasionally, visitors might also spot small mammals like fishing cats and grizzled giant squirrels, scurrying more and plunging into the forest when noticed.

The park is home to 10 types of mammals, 64 types of birds, seven types of fish, and 28 types of butterflies. Commonly seen birds include parakeets, black-crested bulbuls, barbets, and Asian koels. The park offers visitors a more laid-back way to be one with nature as they stroll down the trails defined inside the park and sense the freshness of the air, washing all the stress away.

History of the Park

Initially, this area was declared a wildlife sanctuary on October 5th, 1973, considering the rich bio-diversity of the site to protect it under the Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance. However, in July 2004, the Government of Sri Lanka converted Horagolla Sanctuary into a national park under the same Ordinance.

Route to Horagolla National Park

Horagolla National Park can be reached by visiting Nittambuwa on Colombo Kandy Road and then travelling a short distance from Nittambuwa to Pinnagolla on Veyangoda Road. The entrance to the park is about four feet wide, and visitors have to cross Hora Kele Wewa, which was made in 1992. The ticket counter of the Wildlife Conservation Department is at the entrance to the Horagolla National Park, and there is also a small museum. In addition, visitors can find a building nearby, which can be used to treat sick animals and keep them in captivity until they are released into the wild.

Visiter Information

Horagolla National Park is a beautiful natural reserve in Sri Lanka known for its wide range of animals and beautiful scenery. To ensure a safe and enjoyable visit to the park, there are some essential guidelines that visitors should be aware of.

Firstly, presenting your national identity card to enter the park is mandatory. Additionally, visitors going to Horagolla National Park should be mindful that there is no designated parking area, so vehicles must be parked on both sides.

The entrance to the park is only four feet wide, so visitors should be careful when entering and exiting the park. When you get there, officers from the Department of Wildlife Conservation will give you an overview of how to act in the park and the different routes you can take.

Visitors are told to be careful when walking in the park, especially around the roads where there are often giant spiderwebs. These webs can entangle visitors and lead to spider bites, so it's important to be alert and avoid straying from the designated paths to prevent snake encounters.

The park has a strict code of conduct and prohibits drinking, shouting, and singing in the park. Taking any plant or animal parts out of the national park in Sri Lanka is also strictly forbidden. Visitors should be mindful of this and not attempt to remove anything from the park.

Finally, the entrance fee for Sri Lankan visitors is LKR 40, plus LKR 300 group fee and 15% VAT. Foreign nationals pay USD 10 plus USD 8 group fee and 15% VAT to enter the park.

Horagolla National Park has a beautiful trail through the forest that gives people a much-needed break from their busy, concrete-bound lives. With its lush vegetation and rich bio-diversity, the park is a must-visit destination for nature lovers.


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