Kuttam pokuna ( twin pond )


Kuttam Pokuna Twin Ponds is a set of dressed-stone ponds located near Abhayagiri Monastery. Bases in Anuradhapura District, Sri Lanka.
The story of the pools is considered to have been built during King Aggabodhi I (564-598 A.D.) to use the Buddhist monks of the Kapara Mula society. Although, some say that the more small pool has better features than the bigger pool. Accordingly, they believe that these two pools were not planned and built at the same time.
The pools The two pools are rectangular and built lower than the ground level. One of the pools is tinier than the other, and a narrow corridor separates both. Both pools have the same width but different lengths. The dimensions are making shorter towards the bottom of the collections. At the ground level, the size of the larger pool is 132 ft, while the smaller pool is 91 ft. The width of both reservoirs is 51 ft.

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Kuttam Pokuna (Twin Ponds) is a remarkable piece of ancient Sri Lankan architecture showcases the country's rich cultural heritage. This article provides a comprehensive overview of Kuttam Pokuna and its historical significance.

Historical Significance of Kuttam Pokuna

Kuttam Pokuna is believed to have been built during the Anuradhapura period, from 377 BC to 1017 AD. The ponds were used for ritual bathing and are a testament to the advanced engineering capabilities of ancient Sri Lankan architects. The complex was used by Buddhist monks, who used it for their daily bathing rituals.

The architecture of Kuttam Pokuna

Kuttam Pokuna is a unique architectural masterpiece consisting of two large ponds, one measuring 132 feet by 51 feet, and the other 91 feet by 51 feet. Both ponds are connected by an underground channel and are made of finely cut limestone blocks. The ponds were designed to collect rainwater, which was then filtered through the beds of aquatic plants before being used for bathing and other purposes.

Features of Kuttam Pokuna

Beautiful landscapes, including rock formations and natural springs, surround the ponds. The ponds' unique design and engineering made them a beautiful sight and an essential water management system for the surrounding area. The aquatic ecosystem of Kuttam Pokuna is also unique, with various aquatic plants and fish species that add to the ponds' beauty.

In conclusion, Kuttam Pokuna is an impressive example of ancient Sri Lankan architecture that showcases the country's rich cultural heritage. It is a must-visit for anyone interested in the history of Sri Lanka, architecture, and engineering.


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