Stilt fishing in Weligama


Stilt fishing is a sight to behold on the Sri Lankan shore near Weligama. Both locals and visitors are enthralled by this age-old technique, which is exclusive to the area. Waiting for the perfect opportunity to cast their lines, fishermen balance precariously on thin poles, their eyes riveted on the shallow waters. To escape the intense sun, stilt fishermen start their day early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Armed with simple fishing rods and patience, these fishermen display incredible skill and balance. Weligama's seaside vistas are characterised by a lovely scene created by their silhouette against the setting sun.

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Stilt fishing is a sustainable method that protects the marine ecosystem and is not only a fishing technique. This fishing technique is environmentally benign since it guarantees the least possible disturbance to submerged life. It also sheds light on the local way of life and emphasises the community's close ties with the natural world.

For tourists looking for real experiences, Weligama's stilt fishing provides a special window into Sri Lanka's rich cultural past. Watching these fishermen work is more than just seeing how they get food; it's also seeing a centuries-old custom handed down through the years.

The growing popularity of stilt fishing among tourists makes it imperative to treat this custom mindfully and with respect. By visiting the fishermen ethically and responsibly, you may help ensure that this distinctive cultural tradition is preserved for future generations.


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