Galle Food & Music Fest 2022

About the Galle food & Music Festival

Galle Food Fest 2022 Will Be Held On 17 & 18 September At Galle Fort Courts Square. Wickramanayake Holdings (Pvt) Ltd organised the event, and the festival featured live performances by Xpressions, Pyramids and DJ Darren. The event was endorsed jointly by the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau and Galle Municipal Council.

The event brings together local cafes, restaurants, hotels and fresh food outlets. So, to satisfy your wildest gastronomical cravings, be there at 03.00 pm to enjoy delicious foods, musical extravaganza, Cultural events and magical at Mosphere in Galle fort. That will be witnessing the most happening gastronomical event down south.

For more details and book your stall space, contact - 0776028828 | 0743207680

About Galle and Attractions

Galle in Sri Lanka has important colonial displays, sun-bleached shores and rivers overflowing with wildlife, all of which make this Down south escape which most visited site for international travellers. Furthermore, Galle Fort is one of the most attractive tourist places in Sri Lanka. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988 under the Old Town of Galle and its Fortifications.

Its sources are early as a harbour. It records in a few centuries that Cinnamon has been dispatched from here for a thousand years. Upon these beaches and Galle’s natural pier, King Solomon came for horns, peacocks, also different lands valuables. Obeying Portuguese and later Dutch establishment was a central point in the spice exchange and the main harbour for Sri Lanka for 200 years till the British changed the central port to Colombo.

Hotels in Galle are fascinating and suitable for any budget or preference. Coupling journeys of cultural phenomena with nature scenes like blue whale-watching, bike journeys, and river excursions give you anywhere to go, stay, dine, drink and observe in this incomparable town.

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Lighthouse - Galle

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