Bambarakanda waterfall – Haputale


Bambarakanda waterfall is the highest cascade in Sri Lanka, with a sheer drop of 263 meters. In the world ranking its 299th tallest cascade in the world. The fall occupies the Badulla District between an evergreen forest in the Kalupahana Haputale.
This is not a broad waterfall but drops as a thin cord from a rocky outcrop. The fall is made by the Uduweriya Haputale mountain and Kuda Oya, a branch of the Walawe River.

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The Height and Ranking of Bambarakanda Waterfall

Standing at an impressive height of 263 meters, Bambarakanda waterfall is a sight to behold. Its towering presence makes it an icon of natural grandeur and beauty. In the global ranking of waterfalls, Bambarakanda holds the 299th position, further solidifying its status as a remarkable natural wonder.

Location and Accessibility

Bambarakanda waterfall is in the Badulla district, part of Sri Lanka's central highlands. To reach this captivating destination, visitors need to travel along the Balangoda-Badulla Route (A4) until they reach the town of Kalupahana. This small town between Belihul Oya and Beragala is the gateway to the Bambarakanda waterfall.

The Spectacular Beauty of Bambarakanda

Capturing Stunning Photos

Photography enthusiasts will find Bambarakanda Waterfall a paradise for their craft. The picturesque surroundings and the graceful flow of water present endless opportunities to capture breathtaking photographs. The play of light and shadow, the mist that envelops the waterfall, and the lush greenery create a magical ambience that enhances the beauty of any shot.

Best Time to Visit

To witness Bambarakanda waterfall at its best, it is recommended to plan a visit during the monsoon season, which spans from May to September. During this period, the water flow peaks, cascading down the rocky outcrop in all its glory. Additionally, the surrounding landscape is adorned with vibrant shades of green, creating a striking contrast against the gushing waterfall.

The Formation of Bambarakanda Waterfall

Bambarakanda waterfall owes its existence to the Uduweriya Haputale mountain and the contribution of Kuda Oya, a tributary of the Walawe River. The area's unique geological features have shaped this natural wonder, creating a thin line of water that gracefully descends from the rocky outcrop.

How to Reach Bambarakanda Waterfall

Travelling to Kalupahana Town

To embark on an adventure to Bambarakanda waterfall, travellers must go to Kalupahana. This small town serves as a starting point for the final leg of the journey to the waterfall.

The Challenging Road

From Kalupahana town, a narrow, winding road leads adventurers to the hidden gem of Bambarakanda waterfall. It is worth noting that this road can be pretty challenging, with sections that have been washed away and numerous potholes. While a four-wheel-drive vehicle is recommended for optimal comfort and safety, a van with high ground clearance can also navigate the road.

Exploring Bambarakanda

The Base of the Waterfall

Upon reaching the vicinity of Bambarakanda waterfall, visitors are greeted with an awe-inspiring view of the cascading water. Although there is no clear path to reach the waterfall's base, the proximity to the road allows travellers to admire its beauty from a short distance.

Surrounding Natural Scenery

In addition to the waterfall itself, the surrounding natural scenery adds to the allure of Bambarakanda. The lush greenery, encompassing mountains, and serene atmosphere provide a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Visitors can take leisurely walks in the area, immersing themselves in the peaceful ambience and breathtaking views.

Bambarakanda waterfall is not only the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka but also a natural wonder that showcases the beauty of the country's central highlands. Its towering height, picturesque surroundings, and captivating charm make it a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts and photography lovers. Exploring this magnificent waterfall will undoubtedly leave visitors with lasting memories and a deep appreciation for the wonders of the natural world.


1. How tall is Bambarakanda Waterfall? Bambarakanda Waterfall stands at an impressive height of 263 meters, making it the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka.

2. Is Bambarakanda Waterfall easily accessible? While reaching Bambarakanda waterfall requires navigating a challenging road, it is accessible to visitors. A four-wheel-drive vehicle or a van with high ground clearance is recommended.

3. What is the best time to visit Bambarakanda? From May to September, the monsoon season is the best time to visit Bambarakanda waterfall. During this period, the water flow peaks, and the surrounding landscape is vibrant and green.

4. Can visitors reach the base of the waterfall? Although there is no clear path to reach the waterfall's base, visitors can admire its beauty from a short distance, as the waterfall is close to the road.

5. Are there any other attractions near Bambarakanda Waterfall? The surrounding area of Bambarakanda offers a serene natural landscape, perfect for leisurely walks and enjoying the peaceful ambience. TTravellerscan explore the nearby mountains, lush greenery, and breathtaking views.



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