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Rawana waterfall is one of the beautiful waterfalls in the Hill Country of Sri Lanka. It belongs to the Ella area. Rawana Falls has got a very leading tourist attraction as you can recognise.
Kirindi Oya is the origin of Rawana Falls. Rawana Falls is found at an elevation of 3445 feet above sea level. The waterfall is 82 feet (25 meters) high. This magnificent waterfall, covered with oval and concave rocks, is a segment of the Rawana Falls Wildlife Reserve. Some legends related to Ella can be found in books containing outdated information. According to the early Rama Ravana legend, King Rawana had seized Princess Sita and hid in a cave near this waterfall. The Rawana Ella Purana Raja Maha Viharaya and the Dova Purana Viharaya are placed close to this waterfall. Beautiful, but very dangerous. Below pits filled with water, slippery rocks are abundant here.

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The Legend of Ravana Waterfall

The falls have been named after the legendary character Ravana, connected to the famous Indian epic, the Ramayana. According to legend, it is said that Ravana (who was the king of Sri Lanka at the time) had kidnapped Princess Sita and had hidden her in the caves behind this waterfall, now simply known as the Ravana Ella Cave. At the time, the cave was surrounded by thick forests amid wilderness. It is also believed that Rama's queen bathed in a pool that accumulated the water falling from this waterfall. Moreover, they thought that Ravana had played the Ravanahatha over here.

The Impressive Ravana Falls

The falls are pretty impressive, and you can climb over some rocks to get a closer look. So, if you love water and want to have some splash time, enjoying a few hours in the waterfall, this is the place in Ella. You can spend some time swimming, but be safe as the rocks are slippery.

It currently ranks as one of the widest falls in the country. This waterfall measures approximately 25 m (82 ft) in height and cascades from an oval-shaped concave rock outcrop. During the local wet season, the waterfall turns into what is said to resemble an areca flower with withering petals. But this is not the case in the dry season, where water flow reduces dramatically.

Historical Connotations

Whilst the story of the Ramayana appears to be fanciful fiction, strangely enough, several archaeological treasures have been unearthed, and locations referred to in the literary epic have been found in actuality. Based on these discoveries, some information has been established as undeniable facts.

Ravana was an authentic Sri Lankan king who lived over 5000 years ago. His technology was advanced with no equivalent in the current world. He was mighty and much feared by his fellow citizens. He kidnapped a beautiful princess and imprisoned her in a cave in Sri Lanka. The nearby waterfall was used for her bathing purposes. Ravana created a beautiful garden filled with flowers and fruit trees for her entertainment. The key locations of the cave, green, and launch pad for his flying vehicle are in modern Sri Lanka.

Ravana Waterfall, located in Ella, Sri Lanka, holds immense historical and legendary significance. With its impressive cascade and connection to the Ramayana story, it is a must-visit destination for travellers. The allure of Ravana Falls lies not only in its natural beauty but also in the tales of ancient kings and princesses surrounding it. So, don't miss the opportunity to witness the enchanting Ravana Waterfall and explore its wonders.


1. Can you swim in Ravana Waterfall? You can swim in Ravana Waterfall, but it's essential to exercise caution as the rocks can be slippery. Therefore, taking necessary safety measures and being mindful of your surroundings is advisable.

2. Are there any safety precautions to consider while visiting the waterfall? While visiting Ravana Waterfall, being cautious and following safety guidelines is essential. Wear appropriate footwear to navigate the slippery rocks, especially if you plan to climb closer to the waterfall. Additionally, pay attention to any warning signs or instructions local authorities provide.

3. Is Ravana Waterfall accessible for all age groups? People of various age groups can enjoy Ravana Waterfall. However, it's essential to consider individual physical capabilities and exercise caution, especially if you plan to explore the rocks and get closer to the waterfall.

4. Are there any guided tours available for Ravana Waterfall? Yes, there are guided tours available for Ravana Waterfall. Local tour operators and guides can provide valuable insights into the area's history, legend, and natural beauty. In addition, they can enhance your experience by providing exciting anecdotes and taking you to the best vantage points.

5. What other attractions can be visited in Ella, Sri Lanka? Ella, Sri Lanka, offers a range of interests apart from Ravana Waterfall. Some notable places to visit include Little Adam's Peak, Nine Arches Bridge, Ella Rock, and Tea Plantations. Each of these attractions offers unique experiences and picturesque landscapes that contribute to the charm of Ella as a tourist destination.



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