Top Tourist Attractions in Matale, Sri Lanka

Matale occupies an important place in Sri Lanka's history and is situated in the country's Matale District, Central Province. Matale is 142 kilometres from Colombo and holds following to Kandy. The Knuckles Mountain Range, which is a noticeable feature, encompasses the town. The British called the foothills Wiltshire. Matale is renowned mainly for its agricultural products such as spices, tea, rubber, and vegetables.

Aluvihare Rock Cave Temple

Aluvihare Rock Cave Temple is located in Matale, a significant tourist attraction and a shrine devoted to Lord Buddha. Aluvihare is where the verbal education of Buddhism (Tripitaka) was drafted into Pali on palm leaves.
This monastery complex is a fascinating place with caves, religious paintings, and stupas. The Aluvihare Rock cave temple is adored by both Buddhists and Hindus. There is a little museum on the path, which you can view within a short term.

Nalanda Gedige

The architectural wonder, popularly known as the Nalanda Gedige, remains one of the mysteries in Sri Lankan archaeology. No one knows who constructed the monument and when. However, the archaeological remains at Nalanda reveal the story of a long lost bridge that once connected two ancient dynasties of South Asia. Ceylon Today takes you into a forgotten past of two dynasties and their alliance, which influenced two powerful kingdoms of their time. This is a voyage to Nalanda, the Abu Simbel of Sri Lanka.

Sera Ella waterfall

Sera Ella waterfall is located near Laggala in the Matale District. Sera Ella Falls is a beautiful sight with a plunge pool at the bottom that is safe for swimming. However, it also has an unknown secret – a dry cave shielded from view behind a water curtain.
Enclosed by the Knuckles Mountain Range, the cold weather at this waterfall is admired, making it a supreme location for a one day excursion family holiday in Sri Lanka.

Sri Muthumariamman Kovil Temple

Sri Muthumariamman Kovil Temple is a famous Hindu shrine placed in Matale town, Sri Lanka. This temple is devoted to Mariamman, the god of rain and fertility. The history of Sri Muthumariamman Temple can be pursued back to the 19th century.
The land was formerly part of a paddy field and was gifted by the landlord in 1852. The current temple was established in 1874, funded by the Nattukkottai Chettiar. This temple is utilised by both Hindus and Buddhists. The temple was originally a tiny statue under a tree prayed to by the Hindu people but developed by the people in Matale.

Riverston and pitawala pathana

Riverston and pitawala pathana is one of the summits which rises over 1000 m higher sea level in the Knuckles Mountain range. This is a famous wind gap on the island. On the top, you can observe the heavenly scenery and the sole ecosystem termed vast grassland, known as Pitawala Pathana, found in the centre of the mountain range.

Saree Ella waterfall

Saree Ella waterfall is one of the famous and beautiful waterfalls of the Nuckels mountain range. This area is renowned for a bunch of waterfalls surrounding Hulu Ganga. The name of Saree Ella means the longness of the lady Saree.
The most reliable way to reach this waterfall is via wattegama, Hulugalla. Located in the Gomara area and 30KM far away from Kandy. Under this waterfall, there is an excellent & fabulous pool to have a natural bath.

Sambuwatta Lake

Sambuwatta Lake is a gorgeous artificial lake found in Elkaduwa, Matale. The lake is joined by Cambell’s Land forest reserve and is located at an altitude of 1,140 m. The dark and cold environment with pine trees and tea-covered hills encompassing the lake offer guests a sense comfortable and peace.
Something that sets the lake in the summit as a convenience and group travel destination is the surplus of adventure activities possible such as zip-lining, boat riding, swan/motor, canoeing and hiking. Bathing and swimming in the lake, but, is not allotted since the lake is reasonably profound amount 30 – 40 ft, there is a separate pond established for that idea.

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