Cultural Show In Habarana

Cultural shows in Habarana, Sri Lanka, are an incredible display of the rich and diverse heritage of the country. Located in the central region of Sri Lanka, Habarana is a small town known for its picturesque landscape, tranquil atmosphere and vibrant cultural life. The town is surrounded by lush green forests, rolling hills, and sprawling lakes, making it a popular tourist destination.

Habarana cultural show highlights that traditional dance and music performances for almost 2 hours every evening from 6.30 pm. The hops are a fusion of various cultural elements from different parts of the country. They are performed to the rhythm of traditional musical instruments such as drums, flutes, and cymbals. These performances celebrate Sri Lanka’s rich cultural heritage and are an excellent opportunity for tourists to experience the country’s vibrant and dynamic traditions.

The most popular dance performance in Habarana is the Kandyan dance. This dance form originated in the central hill country of Sri Lanka and is known for its high energy and acrobatic movements. The dancers are dressed in elaborate costumes and wear elaborate headdresses adorned with flowers and other decorative elements. The Kandyan dance is accompanied by a live band of musicians who play traditional instruments such as the drum, the flute, and the cymbal.

Another popular dance form in Habarana is the devil dance, also known as the “Ravanahatha.” This dance symbolises the triumph of good over evil, performed by a group of dancers dressed as demons. The devil dance is an energetic performance showcasing the dancers’ strength and agility. The music accompanying this dance is fast-paced and rhythmic, and it will surely get your heart racing.

In addition to dance performances, Habarana is also known for its traditional music concerts. These concerts feature local musicians who play traditional instruments such as the sitar, the sarangi, and the tabla. The music concerts are an excellent opportunity to experience the rich musical heritage of Sri Lanka and to immerse yourself in the country’s unique sounds and rhythms.

In conclusion, cultural shows in Habarana, Sri Lanka, are essential to the town’s vibrant cultural life. These performances celebrate the country’s rich and diverse heritage and are an excellent opportunity for tourists to experience the country’s traditions and customs. Whether you are interested in dance, music, or traditional festivals, Habarana is the place to be for an unforgettable cultural experience.

Location: Meegaswewa, Dambulla Road, Habarana (Five minutes drive from Habarana’s main intersection to Dambulla’s main road) google Map 

Duration: 2 hours

Begin at: 6:30 pm ( Each Day ) 

Cost: $10 for each adult; $7 for each child

Contact: +94769316433/ +94662270303 / +96767804624 / +94777415885 / +94777918257 / +94771549539 

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