Expert’s Suggestion for Sri Lanka’s Future Tourism Development

We asked them:

How should the future of Tourism in Sri Lanka evolve (in Short)?

Mr Sanath Ukwatte

Chairman of Mount Lavinia Hotel

“Sri Lanka offers an attractive combination of diverse tourist experiences, ranging from ancient temples and modern bars, to breathtaking landscapes. The island also offers a plethora of affordable and peaceful healing centres, from ayurveda treatment to yoga and meditation. The island preserves the culture and unique identity of people and food making Sri Lanka the popular tourist destination that it is.
With all these unique variety of attractions, if Sri Lanka is properly positioned and marketed we can generate sufficient foreign exchange and create employment for a cross section of people.”

Dr Rohantha Athukorala

 President Of Clootrack (Sri Lanka, Maldives and Pakistan)

” Sri Lanka must use this opportunity to re-position the country like ” Sri Lanka with the 8th wonder of the world Sigiriya.”
Beaches, wildlife or history has competition in the region…but Sigiriya has NO competition…

Ms Kimarli Fernando

Former Chairman of Sri Lanka Tourism 

“Sri Lanka is truly an amazing and unique island. With so much diversity, authentic experiences, in a very compact island. A destination that is able to offer everything ASIA can offer and more. Sadly due to political ignorance and backward thinking by a few so called veterans in the industry who have been on government boards and as advisors to the political hierarchy for nearly three decades; Sri Lanka has failed to position our country where it truly deserves. The people of our country hence sadly are all impacted.

Mr Dmitri Cooray

 Deputy Managing Director, Jetwing Hotels

“We as Sri Lankans should be proud of our country and showcase what’s truly authentic. Be it from our cuisine to culture. We should try to stay away and minimise the use of imported items in our offerings to tourists and allow them to experience what our ancestors have enjoyed for generations in our beautiful island.

Mr Sam Goonetillake ( UK )

Head of Events, Owen London

“Sri Lanka must leverage its amazing uniqueness and its huge range of attractions for all markets that are way ahead in Asia and promote the value of its food ,culture , natural beauty and above all else its hospitable resilient people.

Sri Lanka – uniquely unforgettable experiences.”

Dr Dietmar Doering

German investor in Sri Lanka

“In economics, everything is DEMAND and SUPPLY. Sri Lanka has everything or sufficient attractiveness for visitors’ eyes and mouths. So where is the crux that SL underperforms when it comes to Arrival data?
* Extremely harmful Travel advice from Foreign Governments
* Off-season misconception, which virtually makes SL a six months season location only.
* sightseeing apartheid entry ticket local fee Rs 100 rs – foreigners Rs 3.000
Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam spend heavily on image promotions for their countries, with Malaysia spending 2 USDollar for any of the incoming 30 Million visitors, Vietnam with 18 Million visitors spending 1 USD, and Sri Lanka with 2.5 Million, peaking only 0.8 USD.

Prof. Mohamed Aslam

Department of Tourism Management – University of  Sabaragamuwa

“Sri Lanka should get out of unscientific approach and running  behind the conventional mass tourism with sustainability labels. If we truly rethinking tourism in Sri Lanka we should stop “the blind leading the blind”. We should understand why Sri Lanka to be different and unique as the national, regional and local destinations through competitive advantages in tourism value chain and supply chain. As long as we do not establish responsible tourism value chain, the country won’t be able to reach the sustainable development goals. R&D led scientific based tourism development can only ensure the innovations, service quality and guarantee which are there major/primary criteria to determine future tourism.

Mr. Ruwan Ratnayake

Managing Director of Beyond Escapes & Leopard Nest 

“Sri Lanka has never earned its potential reputation for many centuries as one of the most hospitable nations in the world. One could imagine the potential that the world’s best destination can offer. It is quite similar to the potential of this wonderful island nation. Sri Lanka needs to identify its potential and make use of the current trends. The repositioning of the destination is one of the utmost priority. Collaboration and corporation is another important strategy that can make the tourism as the leading foreign exchange generator in the country. Sri Lanka can potentially earn its right reputation as one of the world’s best destinations if the right strategies are formulated at the right time.

Dr. Vipula Wanigasekera

Senior Lecturer Edith Cowan University/ Australian College of Business and Technology

“Sri Lanka must ignite the delayed campaign without further hesitancy as much work has already gone into the process. The last such destination promotion was carried out in the period 2009-2012 through a reputed International Ad & PR company with a small committee of experts overseeing. This became a spring board for all ad hoc promotions thereafter till 2018 and its time for a repeat launch.

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