Flight from Colombo to Jaffna in Just 70 Minutes

David Pieris Aviation marks a significant milestone in Sri Lankan air travel by introducing the Cessna 208 Grand Caravan for a quick, 70-minute flight from Colombo to Jaffna. This service offers a fast and comfortable way to travel and opens a gateway to exploring Jaffna’s rich cultural tapestry and scenic beauty. This article will take you through every aspect of this flight service, showcasing why it’s a premier choice for travellers seeking to discover the northern jewel of Sri Lanka.

Key Features of the Colombo-Jaffna Flight

The journey is set against Sri Lanka’s breathtaking landscapes, ensuring a memorable experience from takeoff to landing. The flight spans approximately 75 minutes and connects Ratmalana Airport in Colombo with Jaffna, making it an efficient travel option for business and leisure travellers.

Ticket Pricing and Options

Pricing is competitive, with one-way tickets priced at 27,000 LKR and round-trip tickets at 52,500 LKR. This pricing strategy caters to various budgets, emphasizing accessibility and convenience.

Baggage Policy

Passengers are allowed a 7 KG baggage allowance, which is sufficient for light travellers. This policy encourages efficient packing and ensures a smooth travel experience.

Flight Schedule and Timings

Offering flights on Sundays and Thursdays, the schedule is tailored to accommodate weekend getaways and business trips. This segment provides a detailed look at departure and arrival times, aiding in planning and optimization.

Sunday Schedule:

    • Departure from Ratmalana (Colombo): 15:00
    • Arrival in Jaffna: 16:10
    • Departure from Jaffna: 16:30
    • Arrival back in Ratmalana (Colombo): 17:50

Thursday Schedule:

    • Departure from Ratmalana (Colombo): 08:00
    • Arrival in Jaffna: 09:15
    • Departure from Jaffna: 09:30
    • Arrival back in Ratmalana (Colombo): 10:50

Booking and Reservation Information

Reservations can be made quickly, with options for online booking to streamline the process. For reservations and further information, visit the David Pieris Aviation website or contact customer service. Embark on your journey to Jaffna today and witness the beauty of Sri Lanka from the skies.

Exploring Jaffna

Jaffna is a testament to resilience, culture, and unspoiled natural beauty. From its ancient temples and historic forts to the blend of Tamil and Sinhalese traditions, Jaffna offers a profound travel experience. This part of the article will explore the city’s attractions, including pristine beaches and landscapes, enriching your visit with unforgettable memories.

Jaffna is home to many attractions, from historical sites to natural wonders. This comprehensive guide highlights must-visit locations, ensuring you fully experience the city’s rich heritage and stunning scenery.

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