Batticaloa Lighthouse


The Batticaloa Lighthouse, also known as the Muttuwaran Lighthouse, is an enduring testament to history, resilience, and architectural grandeur. Built-in 1913 by the British, this 28-meter-tall structure has not only guided countless sailors but also offers mesmerizing views of its surroundings. In this article, we'll delve into the rich history and the enduring charm of the Batticaloa Lighthouse.

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The British Colonial Era

The Batticaloa Lighthouse finds its roots in the British colonial era, where it was erected to provide a guiding light for sailors navigating the waters. Located just 5 kilometres away from the city of Batticaloa, this historic landmark holds a significant place in the hearts of both locals and visitors.

A Beacon of Hope

Situated at the juncture of the lagoon and the vast Indian Ocean, the lighthouse served as a beacon of hope for mariners from all corners of the globe. Its towering presence, painted in pristine white, not only signified safety but also added a touch of majestic allure to the coastal landscape.

A Majestic Structure

The Batticaloa Lighthouse stands tall with its 28-meter height, making it an unmistakable presence in the region. Its architectural splendour is further enhanced by the five windows that grace its facade, a gallery offering panoramic vistas, and a lantern that guides ships safely through the night.

While the British constructed the lighthouse, it bore witness to turbulent times during the height of the LTTE activities. Neglected and forgotten, it stood as a testament to the challenges faced by the region. However, its actual test came in 2003 when a destructive tsunami damaged the lighthouse to a limited extent.

Rising from the Ashes

Following the tsunami, the international community extended a helping hand, offering funds for the lighthouse's restoration. With these contributions, the Sri Lankan government rejuvenated this iconic structure.

The hard work and dedication paid off as the Batticaloa Lighthouse returned to its former glory. Rising again to its majestic 28-meter height, it reclaimed its role as a guiding light to those navigating the surrounding waters.

Today, the Batticaloa Lighthouse has become more than just a navigational aid. It has become a serene park where families and couples can relax and spend quality time. The lush surroundings and rich history make it an ideal spot to unwind and appreciate the coastal beauty.


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