Hathmala Ella Waterfall – Deniyaya


Hathmala Ella also Known as Sathmala Ella is 68th among the most eminent waterfalls in Sri Lanka. This is a beautiful seven-step waterfall in Deniyaya. You can get there by public transport. And there is a little walk to the fall. Easily accessible to a vehicle. On a rainy day, it is not recommended to visit there because flash floods may occur.
The waterfall is the Deniyaya Gongala mountain range, and the water moves onto the Gingaga River near Pallegama. Hathmale waterfall, 45m high & 10m wide, is the highest waterfall in the Ginganga River and is split into seven segments (hath male).

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The Magnificence of Hathmale Falls

Nature's grandeur is genuinely evident in Hathmale Falls. Its sheer height and width leave visitors in awe as they witness the power and beauty of cascading water. The waterfall's seven segments create a captivating visual spectacle, each piece possessing its unique charm. The surrounding lush greenery and the sound of water cascading down create a serene atmosphere, making it a perfect escape from bustling city life.

Environmental Challenges

Unfortunately, Hathmale Falls has faced environmental challenges due to its growing popularity among local and foreign visitors. The increased influx of tourists has led to the accumulation of plastic and polythene litter in the surrounding area, tarnishing the natural beauty of this picturesque waterfall. Visitors must practice responsible tourism and ensure they leave no trace behind, protecting the fragile ecosystem and preserving the pristine allure of Hathmale Falls for future generations.

How to Reach Hathmale Falls

To embark on a journey to Hathmale Falls, one must travel approximately 8 kilometres from Deniyaya Town. After passing through the city centre of Deniyaya, turn left onto the Deniyaya-Pallegama Road. Follow this road for about 7 kilometres. Although no signboard indicates the falls, keep an eye out for the Hathmale Ella Road signboard on the right-hand side just before reaching the Pallegama Bridge. Proceed for around 1 kilometre on Hathmale Ella Road, and you will come to an abrupt end in someone's garden. While the road leading to the falls is poorly maintained, it is still accessible by vehicle up to this point.

Exploring Hathmale Falls

From the end of the road in the garden, continue your journey to Hathmale Falls either by foot or with a 4-wheel drive or a vehicle with high ground clearance. Although these features may not be necessary, they ensure a smoother ride over uneven terrain. Walk or drive for approximately 250 meters on this road, and then you will encounter a steep hill that must be descended to reach a vantage point where you can marvel at the breathtaking view of the falls.

Hathmale Falls is an enchanting natural wonder that captivates visitors with its majestic beauty. However, its increasing popularity has resulted in environmental challenges, particularly the accumulation of litter. All visitors must act responsibly and preserve the ecological balance of this great site. Hathmale Falls invites you to witness its awe-inspiring splendour and immerse yourself in the tranquillity of nature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Are there any entrance fees to visit Hathmale Falls?
    • No, currently, there are no entrance fees to visit Hathmale Falls. It is open to the public for free.
  2. Is swimming allowed in the waterfall?
    • Due to the current solid and varying depths, swimming is not recommended in Hathmale Falls. It's essential to prioritize safety and enjoy the waterfall from a designated viewing area.
  3. Are there any facilities or amenities available near the falls?
    • As the area surrounding Hathmale Falls is relatively remote, limited facilities and amenities are nearby. Carrying your water, snacks, and other essentials is advisable.
  4. Can I visit the falls during the rainy season?
    • While the rainy season may enhance the beauty of Hathmale Falls with increased water flow, it also brings risks of flash floods and treacherous conditions. It is advisable to check weather conditions and exercise caution before planning a visit during the rainy season.
  5. Are there any guided tours or local guides available for visitors?
    • There are no official guided tours or designated local guides for Hathmale Falls. However, hiring a local guide from Deniyaya Town can provide valuable insights and enhance your experience visiting the falls.



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