Keeri Beach


Keeri Beach, located on the picturesque Mannar Island, is a golden haven of tranquillity. The beach, known for its calm waters and serene atmosphere, is a testament to Sri Lanka's hidden coastal gems. The journey to this paradise, about 4 km along S Bar Road from Mannar, unveils a landscape that captivates the heart.

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Travelling to Keeri Beach is an experience in itself. The scenic route along S Bar Road is adorned with nature's splendour. The journey to Keeri Beach is not just a journey but the beginning of a serene adventure.

The beach is a picturesque canvas of golden sands meeting the calm, inviting waters. Ideal for swimming, the beach offers a refreshing escape from the bustling world. This natural setting is a perfect backdrop for relaxation and rejuvenation. The public toilets are easily accessible to all visitors. Their placement is designed to offer convenience while maintaining the beach's aesthetic appeal.

The climate of Mannar Island is generally tropical, with the best times to visit Keeri Beach being between July and September and December and February. These months offer the most pleasant weather for beach activities.


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