Rekawa Mangrove lagoon – Tangalle


Rekawa Mangrove lagoon is a coastal water body located near Tangalle, Hambantota district and 200km from Colombo. The Lagoon possesses rich biodiversity with a diversity of flora and fauna. Rekawa Lagoon is a range of inland water enclosed by mangroves and whole of plant and animal reproduction. Being close to the sea lends for an exciting ecosystem, and it’s interesting to immerse yourself in it.
The Lagoon is fit for Kayaking and Canoeing and is full of birds and fishes, and you could hardly spot a water monitor. Therefore after you get a hand at Canoeing, you could be wondering about this shallow waterbody with lots of mangroves and natural landscapes. The Lagoon maintains rich biodiversity with a variety of flora and fauna. The Lagoon is a range of inland water enclosed by mangroves and full of plant and animal life. Being so adjacent to the sea lends for an exciting ecosystem, and it’s enthralling to engage yourself in it.

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Description of Rekawa Lagoon

Spanning across a water surface area of 2.4 km2, Rekawa Lagoon is a small yet captivating waterbody. Its narrow inland waterway stretches over 3 kilometres, seamlessly connecting the lagoon to the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean. What sets Rekawa Lagoon apart is its striking backdrop of mangroves that encircle the entire lagoon, creating a picturesque setting. These mangroves add to the lagoon's aesthetic appeal and play a vital role in maintaining the delicate ecological balance of the area.

The lagoon's rich biodiversity results from its diverse flora and fauna. The mangroves serve as a natural habitat for a wide variety of plant species, contributing to the overall ecological health of the region. As you explore the lagoon's tranquil waters, you'll encounter abundant marine life, including colourful fish, graceful crustaceans, and an impressive array of bird species that call this place home.

Location and Accessibility

Rekawa Lagoon is conveniently situated approximately 200 kilometres (120 miles) south of Colombo, making it easily accessible for local and international visitors. Travelling from Colombo, you can embark on an adventure through Sri Lanka's scenic landscapes. Start your journey on McCallum Road, then proceed onto the Colombo – Katunayake Expressway. Continue your route along the Southern Expressway until you reach the Beliatta interchange. Take the exit from the business and turn left onto Beliatta – Walasmulla Road. Follow this road until you reach the Colombo-Wellawaya Highway, where you'll turn right onto Rekawa Road. Soon enough, you'll find yourself at the captivating Rekawa Lagoon.

For those starting their journey from Tangalle, you can embark on a more direct route. Head onto the Colombo-Wellawaya Highway, and after a scenic drive, turn right onto Rekawa Road. This path will lead you straight to the mesmerizing shores of Rekawa Lagoon.

Fishery in Rekawa Lagoon

The lagoon is a sight to behold and a source of sustenance for the local community. One of the primary livelihoods in the area is shrimp fishery, which thrives in Rekawa Lagoon. The shrimp fishing season spans from October to April, during which local fishermen embark on their boats, casting their nets to capture these prized crustaceans. The most famous and abundant shrimp species in Rekawa Lagoon is the renowned White shrimp, sought after for its succulent taste and delicate texture.

The shrimp fishery is a means of survival for the local community and a vital economic activity for the region. It provides livelihoods for many families, supporting the local economy and sustaining a way of life passed down through generations.

Rekawa Lagoon stands as a testament to the incredible beauty and biodiversity Sri Lanka offers. With enchanting mangroves, flourishing fauna, and beautiful marine life, this coastal paradise leaves an indelible mark on all who visit. Whether you're a nature lover, an adventure seeker, or simply in search of tranquillity, Rekawa Lagoon will undoubtedly leave you awe-inspired.

So, why wait? Plan your visit to Rekawa Lagoon and immerse yourself in the wonders of this coastal gem. Experience the harmony of nature and humanity, and witness firsthand the magic in this ecological treasure.


1. What is the size of the Rekawa Lagoon? Rekawa Lagoon spans a water surface area of 2.4 square kilometres.

2. What is the main fishery carried out in the lagoon? The most prominent fishery in Rekawa Lagoon is shrimp fishing.

3. When is the shrimp fishing season in Rekawa Lagoon? The shrimp fishing season in Rekawa Lagoon occurs from October to April.

4. How far is Rekawa Lagoon from Colombo? Rekawa Lagoon is approximately 200 kilometres (120 miles) south of Colombo.

5. Can visitors access Rekawa Lagoon throughout the year? Visitors can access Rekawa Lagoon throughout the year and experience its captivating beauty and biodiversity. However, checking local weather conditions and any specific guidelines is advisable before planning your visit.



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