Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil Temple Festival 2022

About the Festival

Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil Temple Festival 2022 is hoped to begin on 02nd August 2022 with the Kodiyetram celebration. This is on the 6th Day after the Aadi Amavasi day. Sri Lanka Government has relaxed restrictions on visiting Tourists to obtain their tourist visas fast and arrive without hardships. So those who desire to visit Nallur Annual Festival 2022 can plan their trips as they can travel here smoothly. Nallur Temple Authorities and Jaffna Municipal completed all the arrangements for the 2022 Annual festival. All streets surrounding the Temple will be closed from 01st August 2022 till 29th August 2022 for unrestricted movement of the visiting individuals. Kavadi Vehicles must arrive through the Pointpedro route only, and they must exit through Chetti Street only. Drone Cameras will not operate during the Nallur festival season. All people must enter the temple territory without their footwear.

Festival date schedules and times 

01/08/2022Start DayVairavar UtchavamEvening 17.00 pm
02/08/20221st DayKodiyetramMorning 10.00 am
11/08/202210th DayManjamEvening 17.00 pm
18/08/202215th DayArunagirinathar UtchavamEvening 19.00 pm
19/08/202216th Day



Evening 17.00 pm
21/08/202220th Day



Kailasa Vahanam

Morning 07.00 am

Evening 17.00 pm
22/08/202221th DayKajavalli Mahavalli

Vel Vimanam

Morning 07.00 am

Evening 17.00 pm
23/08/202222st Day

Thandauthapani Utchavam

Orumuga thiruviza

Morning 07.00 am

Evening 17.00 pm
24/08/202223nd Day



Evening 17.00 pm
25/08/202224rd DayTher

Morning 07.00 am
26/08/202225th Day



Morning 07.00 am

Evening 17.00 pm
27/08/202226th DayPoongavanam

Evening 17.00 pm
28/08/202227th DayVairavar Poosai

Evening 17.00 pm
Situation in Sri Lanka

Now Sri Lanka has opened the doors to double-dose vaccinated people coming here with the latest PCR test results.(source). Numerous Tamil people in foreign countries want to know the festival dates and procedures for visiting Sri Lanka; for more information, you can reach your Sri Lanka Consular office. Understanding the dates before will assist visitors in preventing eating poultry and types of meat and seafood to celebrate the event with vegetarian food in their residences. The main celebration used to take place for 25 days, and the last 15 days of the festival were used to attract hundreds of thousands of devotees. This is one of the Hindu Temple festivals, and the visitors are expected to respect the Temple's advice when visiting the Temple.

Other Places to Visit Jaffna

Jaffna area is one of the most stunning towns on the northern tip of Sri Lanka. Jaffna is comprehended for its predominant Tamil residents, and the hospitality of the locals will surely engrave any tourist to this region. So if you are glimpsing for a destination that delivers magnificence and excellent hospitality to tourists, Jaffna should be your following travel goal.

We found the 35 Best places to visit in Jaffna. The town's transport method is ideal, making it effortless for visitors to express in and around for sightseeing or shopping.

Specials packages for travellers who visit the festival

The Thinnai is the group’s central hotel with all-suite rooms within city limits. Thinnai Organic is the group’s agritourism hotel set on ten acres of an organic farm, with a two-bedroom farmhouse, a farm room and tents


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