The best places to enjoy Nightlife in Sri Lanka

The journey to Sri Lanka is not completed until you have experienced the nightlife in its urban cities. The quest for places to enjoy the after-hour nightlife in Sri lanka is minimal because the urban areas are full of bars, nightclubs, live music venues, theme parks, restaurants and many more. 

A trip to Sri Lanka allows you to discover different aspects of your life and enjoy every bit of your moment. From wildlife sanctuaries to live music venues, this country awaits you for adventurous expeditions and extraordinary nightlife experiences. Keeping the nightlife activities in mind, we have listed the top 5 cities to experience never-forgetting Sri Lankan nightlife.  

Nightlife in Colombo

Of course, Colombo has to be at the top of this list because it is filled with different clubs, lounges, karaoke bars, night Bazar and many other entertainment places to hang out. After a long work day, local Colombo people head to Galle face green, nightclubs, bars or restaurants with their friends and loved ones.

Arrange your first night in Colombo for a whole night of entertainment, food and drinks. The city is a unique design, and thrilling alleyways attract the people. You can define its beauty as love at first sight. These are some of the best places in Colombo.

1.Rhythm and Blues

Rhythm and Blues is one of the famous nightclubs in Colombo. The club furthermore features live music performances varying from jazz music to hip hop. The club also hosts a relaxing atmosphere in the outdoor garden with a vast beer and brutal liquor display. Pool tables and a lovely ambience with just the ideal lighting and sound effects to set in the party’s temper are some additional highlights of Rhythm and Blues.

Address -R. A. De Mel Mawatha,Colombo, 

Doors opens – 8 PM – 5 AM (Mon-Sat) ; 8 PM – 12 AM (Sunday)

2. Zouk Colombo

Zouk Colombo is a fabulous entertaining nightclub located in the heart of Colombo. Their friendly team, throbbing music, Cold beers and cocktails are some of the aspects contributing to the fact that it is one of the best nightclubs in Colombo. Also, the club with a unique interior which sets it apart from the other typical nightclubs in Sri Lanka.

Address– 206 Havelock Road, Colombo 05, Sri Lanka

Doors opens – 9 PM – 4 AM (Tue-Sat) ; 3 PM – 12 AM (Sunday) closed on Monday 


Again, an excellent spot to experience the nightlife in Sri Lanka is Disques nightclub. The highlight of this club is its display of fantastic music ranging from retro to modern hip hop. This club is the best for classic and signature cocktails and has a large dance floor.

Address – 1st Floor, Racecourse Promenade, Colombo
Doors open – 8 PM – 4 AM (Wed-Sat); Closed on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday

4.Stella Karaoke Lounge and Bar

The first choice for karaoke fans who always wish to watch drunk individuals sing their hearts out on karaoke nights while having some unique cocktails. The bar is located on Hilton premises, and a vast selection of alcohol and Cocktails are served as your choice. 

Thursday night is a day for The Ladies, and between 7 PM to 11 PM on this day, ladies get a 50 % off on regular drinks. 

Address  – 2 Parsons Rd, Colombo

Doors open – 8 PM – 4 AM (Wed-Sat); Closed on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday

5.Playtrix Sports Bar and Grill

The newly established bar in the heart of the commercial capital, the Playtrix Sports Bar and Grill, is one of the premier sports bars in Colombo, exclusively for the sports fan, be it football, rugby or cricket. Strengthened by providing exquisite food and beverage options with great deals, you will undoubtedly have one of the most memorable game days at the exclusive Playtrix Sports Bar and Grill.

The Playtrix Sports Bar and Grill is well-known for being one of the lead bars in Colombo that caters, especially to the games enthusiast. Giant HD TVs with digital transmissions, the sports bar and the grill display every sports channel, completing it the ideal setting to belittle on game days with companions and associates.

Address  – Colombo City Centre, Level 1. 137 Sir James Pieris Mawatha Colombo

Doors open – 10 AM – 3.30 AM Every day 

6.Ask For Fern

At the entry, all you can notice is a ‘flower shop’, and once you enter through the door, you are led to a flight of stairs. The concept behind it is to recreate the period of forbidding in the US in the 1920s.

The place has a vintage sense and presents some unique décor, making you want to walk around and explore the area before you dine.

They offer a combination of spirits and cocktails. With funky names and unique mixes, they offered drinks such as Mr Miyagi, a blend of botanical gin, tonic, fresh lime and yuzu and the Where’s Wally Bastian.

Address  – 32B Sir Mohammed Macan Markar Mawatha, Colombo

Doors open – 6 PM – 3 AM ( Tue – Thu ) 6 PM – 4 AM ( Fri / Sat ) closed on Monday 


Nightlife in Ella

Nightlife in a quaint town snuggled between misty mountains, there is no wonder that there is no party setting with loud music and excitement here. Rather, a few restaurants serve warm western-style cuisine. At the same time, a few bars and snazzy cafes offer great relaxing and melody vibes, perfect for completing a tiring daytime of exploring Ella. These are some of the best places in Ella.

1. Café Chill

Suppose you have explored this little island full of wonders. In that case, we are sure you haven’t missed  Café Chill , a chill place like no other, a great travel ambience, serving a variety of Sri Lankan and international food by the excellent, super-friendly staff! Situated right on the main strip of foggy mountains of Ella, Chill Café is the best place to please your taste buds in a spacious and chilled atmosphere. Well-known worldwide, many travellers have been visiting this remarkable place over the years, and indeed, the Chill Café team have provided them with many more than just meals!

Address -A23, Ella  

Doors open – 7 AM – 10 PM 

2. Cafe One Love

Cafe One Love is a recently opened bar in pleasant surroundings with good vibes. It has two floors: downstairs and rooftop chill-out lounge. We have a variety of drinks such as tea, coffee, soft drinks, smoothies, fruit juice, mock-tails, cocktails, beer and shots. So if you’re passing by, don’t forget to pay a visit and make the best of Ella.

Address -Railway Station Road, Ella, Sri Lanka 

Doors open – 12 AM – 12 PM 

3.Ravana Pool Club

The most recent expansion to Ella and its pool club, a remarkable feature, was discovered nowhere in Sri Lanka. Ravana Pool Club delivers an extensive cliff and valley panorama instead of a beach. The vision aspires to provide the ambience and sense of a beach club. It was based on a traditional beach club design focusing on the pool setting and the guests’ diverse seating and dining alternatives. The spectacular view is furthermore maximized at all pinpoints in the structure.

According to the architect, utilizing bamboo was vital for this task. Apart from being a sustainable and eco-friendly natural material, bamboo provides an opportunity for a biophilic design. Undivided entry also offers entry to the jacuzzi in the VIP area. You can even hang out at the pool or hit the bar and restaurant during the day. 

Address -Uva Greenland Estate, Ella 

Doors open – 7 am – 11.30 pm 

Nightlife in Kandy

1.Slightly Chilled Lounge Bar

Slightly Chilled Lounge Bar is the right place to dine with the best view and some DJ music to chill your night. So cheer your drinks with friends or business acquaintances at one of the top lounge bars in Kandy that delivers you local and international spirits, cocktails and beers.

Address -Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha, Kandy

Doors open -11.30am – 11 pm 

2. The Pub 

An athletic choice of foreigners and locals alike, The only real “Pub” in the city is famed for its unique ambience and great food. Offering a Unique viewpoint into the city’s history whilst infusing you with local cuisine, a picture gallery looks into what the city looked like. A wine lover’s paradise featuring a great selection of fine wines and fusion cuisine. It is styled to cater to just about everyone.

Address – 36 , Dalada Veediya, Kandy.

Doors open -11am – 11 pm (Sun- Fri ) 11am – 12pm (Sat ) 

3. Tavern 29 Rooftop Bar

Tavern 29 Rooftop Bar is the ideal destination for any occasion. From a quick bite on your lunch break to ongoing weekend brunches on our rooftop to holiday, birthday parties, corporate events & more. Enjoy the ambience of the lake view, including natural touch to your enjoyment. The bar is Fully staffed with some of the city’s most knowledgeable and friendly servers and bartenders. Local breweries that offer uniqueness and edge to their beers and cocktail list are a blend of pre-prohibition classics and newly innovative libations, all made with skill and commitment to the craft of mixology. 

Address -11 Deveni Rajasinghe Mawatha, Kandy

Doors open -10am – 11.30pm 

4. Le Garage 

A nightclub within the Amaya Hills Hotel mixture, Le Garage is comprehended for arranging the numerous festive parties in Kandy. This establishment is attached to convince you of the trough of the many throbbing tune played by the in-house DJ as you venture on a gastronomic venture. Their retro and techno nights draw a big gathering, be it the fans of 60s music or a person who is into trendy style. ‘Smart Casuals’ is a strict dress code, and visitors must dress accordingly. Discover your route to Le Garage in Peradeniya in the most suitable option of a tuk-tuk.

Address -Amaya Hills, Herrassagala

Doors open -10am – 12pm 


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