Tourist Boat Service at Buduruwagala Lake

The Central Cultural Fund, Uva Provincial Council, and Buduruwagala Fishery Society have come together to launch an exciting initiative known as the Tourist Boat Service at Buduruwagala Lake. This endeavour aims to develop the tourism industry around the Buduruwagala Archeological Precinct and enhance the quality of life for the residents.


Buduruwagala Lake, situated approximately 4 km from Wellawaya town on the Tissamaharama road in the Moneragala district of the Uva province, has become a focal point for tourism enthusiasts. This stunning location unveils its natural beauty after a leisurely two-kilometre walk on the by-road in front of Buduruwagala School. Upon reaching our destination, the Buduruwagala Shrine, we were captivated by an unexpected sight. A group of villagers gracefully maneuvered boats and rafts across a picturesque lake surrounded by verdant hills.

Location and Accessibility

The ease of access to Buduruwagala Lake makes it an attractive tourist destination. Its proximity to Wellawaya town and the well-marked route to Buduruwagala Shrine ensures that visitors can easily navigate their way. In addition, the tranquillity and breathtaking scenery that await at the lake make it a must-visit location for nature lovers and adventurers alike.

Natural Beauty and Serenity

As the day slowly transitioned into evening, the encroaching darkness did little to diminish the serene beauty of Buduruwagala Lake. The villagers continued fishing, casting their nets into the tranquil waters from their boats and rafts. Flocks of birds added a touch of liveliness to the scene, gracefully soaring through the sky. It was a captivating experience to witness the harmony between nature and the daily lives of the locals.

Historical Significance

Although the exact historical origins of Buduruwagala Lake remain a mystery, it stands as a testament to the irrigation technology employed by ancient kings. Much like the awe-inspiring Buddha statue at Buduruwagala, the reservoir holds significant historical importance. The absence of concrete archaeological evidence regarding its creator only adds to its intrigue, leaving visitors in awe of the ancient engineering techniques that shaped the region.

Wildlife Encounters

A conversation with one of the villagers revealed a fascinating fact about the lake. At the opposite end, where the lake borders the forest, it’s not uncommon for wild elephants to descend to the reservoir for a refreshing bath. Unfortunately, we were not fortunate enough to witness this magnificent spectacle firsthand. Nevertheless, the mere thought of such majestic creatures finding solace in the waters of Buduruwagala Lake added to its already mesmerizing appeal. Moreover, it left us wondering about the countless hidden natural wonders that Sri Lanka possesses, each preserving its unique beauty within its secluded confines.

Enhanced Tourism Infrastructure

In conjunction with the Tourist Boat Service, the Uva Provincial Ministry of Tourism and the Wellawaya Ceylon Transport Board have collaborated to introduce a convenient bus service. This bus route connects the bustling Ella Tourism Zone to the Buduruwagala Cultural Heritage Zone, making it easier for visitors to explore the area. Travellers seeking further information regarding this service can contact the following telephone numbers: 055-2274881 and 077-1057860.

The Tourist Boat Service at Buduruwagala Lake is a significant step towards promoting the tourism industry in the area and improving the lives of the local community. The natural beauty, historical significance, and wildlife encounters make it an unforgettable experience for visitors. Exploring the picturesque lake surrounded by lush green hills, observing fishing activities, and contemplating the ancient irrigation technology showcased by the reservoir creates a sense of awe and appreciation for Sri Lanka’s rich cultural heritage.


1. Is Buduruwagala Lake easily accessible from Wellawaya town?

    • Yes, Buduruwagala Lake is conveniently located about 4 km from Wellawaya town on the Tissamaharama road in the Uva province.

2. Are bus services available to reach Buduruwagala Cultural Heritage Zone?

    • Yes, the Uva Provincial Ministry of Tourism and the Wellawaya Ceylon Transport Board has introduced a bus service from the Ella Tourism Zone to Buduruwagala Cultural Heritage Zone.

3. Is Buduruwagala Lake known for any wildlife encounters?

    • Buduruwagala Lake provides an opportunity to witness wild elephants bathing in the reservoir, particularly at the end bordering the forest.

4. Who can benefit from the Tourist Boat Service?

    • The Tourist Boat Service caters to tourists and locals, offering a unique experience to explore the beauty of Buduruwagala Lake.

5. Where can I find more information about the bus and Tourist Boat Service?

    • For more information about the bus service and Tourist Boat Service, you can contact the following telephone numbers: 055-2274881 and 077-1057860.

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