Calypso Train: Badulla to Demodara

The Calypso Train, Sri Lanka’s newest rail marvel, will take you on an exciting trip. This train goes from Badulla to Bandarawela along the beautiful Demodara. It has daily trips, making it the best way to see the beautiful hill country of Sri Lanka in comfort and style.

Trip in the morning: Train number 1232

At 8:20 AM, you can start your day with a beautiful ride from Badulla that will get you to the historic Demodara by 9:10 AM. The train goes through the green hills, and at 9:28 AM, there is a short but magical stop at the Nine Arches Bridge so that people can take pictures of the stunning views. The trip continues to Bandarawela, where there is a 30-minute break for travellers to stretch their legs. Then, the travellers return, passing through Ella‘s cute town, and end the morning loop at 11:39 AM in Demodara.

Journey in the afternoon: Train number 1234

The afternoon trip starts at 12:50 PM from Demodara and goes to Bandarawela. Along the way, a stop at Ella offers a great view of Sri Lanka’s mountains. After a relaxing stop in Bandarawela, the train leaves at 2:35 PM to return to Badulla. It makes one last stop in Demodara at 3:35 PM, ensuring riders have memories that will last a lifetime.

Your entrance to Sri Lanka’s beautiful scenery

Sri Lanka is working hard to improve its train tourism, and the Calypso Train is a great way to get to the island’s beautiful hill country. Because every trip is carefully planned, tourists have plenty of chances to experience the natural beauty and cultural history of the places they visit. 

More than just transportation

It’s more than just a way to get from one place to another; this train service is an experience that will make you feel closer to nature and feed your soul. Whether you’re going on a trip alone, with friends, or with your family, the Calypso Train will take you to a world of beauty, relaxation, and discovery. Book your tickets

Take advantage of the chance to see Sri Lanka’s stunning scenery, friendly people, and deep cultural heritage on the Calypso Train. Come with us on this beautiful trip and let the rails lead you through the heart of Sri Lanka’s hill country.

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