Tourist train (Seethawaka Odyssey ) from Colombo Fort to the Waga Railway Station

The ‘Seethawaka Odyssey,’ a tourist train service from Colombo Fort to Waga Railway Station, began operations at Colombo Fort Railway Station today, January 15. Every Sunday at 7 a.m., the train departs Colombo Fort for Waga Railway Station, stopping at various tourist destinations.

Passengers aboard the ‘Seethawaka Odyssey’ will witness cascades such as the Kumari Ella waterfalls, Ranmudu Ella waterfalls, and Goraka Ella waterfalls, as well as other tourist spots such as the Seethawaka Wet Zone Botanic Gardens.

The Seethawaka Kingdom region is rich in history and offers several tourist attractions, such as traditional martial arts and ancient sites. As a result, the people of Colombo and neighbouring locations should be made more aware of this significance. 

Attractions near Seethawaka region 

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