Wellness Tourism in Sri Lanka

Wellness Tourism In Sri Lanka: Best Places For Your Next Holiday!

Sri Lanka is a stunning destination with multiple geographical, biological, spiritual and cultural attractions. Since times immemorial, our martyrs and philosophers have been rehearsing age-old practices that concentrate on a person's general wellness and healthiness. It has resulted in wellness tourism in Sri Lanka roaring and proliferating. Island has never shied away from conveying our ancient learning to ensure somebody leads a stress-free reality. Sri Lanka's authentic wellness systems have a high potential as developed through centuries of ancient civilizations' cumulative wisdom. Today, Sri Lanka has emerged as the centre of Yoga, Ayurveda, Naturopathy etc. So get prepared to leave stress and tension behind and lead a fulfilling, joyful, and healthy life forward. 

Sri Lanka is featured in the top wellness tourism destinations with resorts across Asia. Currently, the country is witnessing a boom in the wellness segment. Here, check out Sri Lanka's top 10 wellness tourism destinations that learned to uphold the most secure, oldest, and most effective wellness and health traditions. Here is the list of the top 10 wellness tourism destinations in Sri Lanka.

1. Santani Wellness Resort - Kandy

santani resorts

Santani Wellness Resort aimed the most delinquent inventions in health science worldwide to reconcile with the most experimental medicines among the prosperous inheritance of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka, therefore forming one of the finest wellness resorts for visitors.
Building upon global perspective and ample healing amenities, Santani carry a lifestyle practice to wellness with two fundamental elements: spoil your body in conditions created at every level to refresh you, and they familiarise your mentality so that you strand with healthy habits and routines which allow you to sustain more unimaginable mental, spiritual and physical well-being for years to come.

The resort desired to create contemporary residences based on the 'ambalama' conception, the Sri Lankan word telling 'place of rest.' Old days, pilgrims and traders moved around this sun-kissed isle on foot. Consequently, simple covers named ambalama came into being, offering these travellers somewhere safe to rest up for the next leg of a lengthy trip. This human require to rest has not altered; today's travellers need a site to rest along life's voyage.
Trendy and utterly comfortable, resort interiors too are purposely tiniest. As in ancient Buddhist meditation caves in the cliffs enclosing Santani, this lack of distraction lets you concentrate your mind exclusively on hindering it down.

2. Ulpotha

Ulpotha wellness retreat is genuine and warm hospitality from the Ulpotha community. As such, tipping is not obtained – through smiles are valued.
The all-inclusive fee you expend even includes accommodation, all meals, snacks, beverages, two Yoga lessons a day, a massage per week’s stay, guided walks, the organisation and transportation for a tour per week’s stay, all taxes as well as the use of bicycles, hot water bathing area and our laundry service.
Ayurveda treatments are optional and not included in the retreat cost. However, there are sporadic locations left in the world where you can feel safely nestled in the heart of nature while withdrawn from the many stresses and tensions of everyday life. Ulpotha is such a place, and Found at the paw of the Galgiriyawa peak, on the border of a lotus encircled lake on one side and covered by emerald grassland paddy fields on the other; you encounter unspeakable natural magnificence and peace.
By arrangement, there is no electricity in Ulpotha and life is lived by the rhythm of the day. However, lamps and lanterns illuminate routes and accommodation.
Ulpotha is an integrated privately-run society that nurtures intimate relations to the surrounding villages. The best manifestation of how sufficiently combined it is demonstrated by the fact that it has safely existed for nearly 25 years without fences, gates, locks or security, protected as it is by the goodwill of everyone within and around it.
It is operated day to day by a committee of its villagers, which has six members, two of whom are permanent. The committee consulted the inventors when the committee required loosely overseeing the big-picture building and investment decisions.
The complimentary Ayurveda clinic conducted by Ulpotha for surrounding villagers is a model of giving back to society. Besides the clinic, Ulpotha supports local temples and shrines and engages in low-key community support to schools, hospitals, village-level charities, water management, etc.

3. Talalla Retreat

Talalla Retreat is located meters away from Sri Lanka's most peaceful and shielded Talalla beach. It is an undiscovered cove of clear turquoise water, golden sand and bright sunrises.
Talalla Retreat inventor Laurie Rose and some pals and associates delivered immediate service and promptly set about increasing budgets. As an outcome, therefore creating a close bond between the village and resort that boosts by the day.
After an eventful setup period for Talalla, she is sidetracked by the devastating 2004 Tsunami whereby Laurie mobilized a Talalla Support Group to assist the local community clean up. Laurie has now realized his dream with a boutique health resort built on sustainable principles offering yoga, pilates, oxalates, surfing and a hip restaurant and pool space for all to enjoy.
Wellness Retreats are the epitome of a balanced, healthy holiday. They are taking a light-hearted and holistic approach to well-being, focusing on mind, body, and soul.
Enjoy daily Pilates, Yoga, Boxilates, Surfing and Meditation along with Postural and Wellbeing Consult and Spa treatments.
Furthermore, enjoy cultural activities such as Safari or Bicycle tours.

4. Tri - Koggala

Tri’s innovative British landlord, Robert Drummond, found the place over a decade ago and enrolled award-winning architect Raefer Wallis of A00 Architects to create a resort recommended by its surroundings and reinforced by an all-encompassing endurable perspective.
Living fences, green canopies, solar collections, edible gardens and completely local materials unify accommodations and terrain. Sequential areas originate from a central water tower that captures breathtaking 360° views. Innovative experiences nurture body, mind and soul, proudly showcasing Sri Lanka’s finest ingredients, fabrics, services and facilities.
The resort is situated fronting the panoramic Koggala Lake, an example of sustainability and healing love for nature. Luxury is found at every turn – you need to unfurl your arm to reach it.
The blend of yoga, nurturing medicines, a library full of readers, and all sorts of novel ways of engaging with Sri Lankan culture and environment through local and visiting experts means that Tri not only calms the sense and nourishes the body but also stimulates the body the intellect and lifts the spirit.

5. Karunakarala Ayurveda Resort

Karunakarala Ayurveda Resort in Negombo is a perfect hotel for an authentic Ayurveda retreat. Relish your wellness vacations in this stunning Ayurveda resort in a natural forest. You can experience daily Yoga and Meditation lessons while taking Ayurveda therapies and medicines.

Ayurveda doctors create a diet program to suit your health needs after the initial consultation. You will be offered a balanced, nutritious diet throughout your holiday. Meals are designed according to ayurvedic guides with fresh organic ingredients from our farms and contracted third-party organic farms.

6. Adhitya - Anuradhapura

The Adhitya Ayurveda aims to convey the miracles of Ayurveda and Sri Lankan traditional medicine to the world. Discovered in Anuradhapura, the facility delivers specialized Ayurveda treatments for all visitors to treat a broad range of needs. The centre is prepared to handle all guests' requirements with 24 fully air-conditioned rooms, 12 therapy rooms, dining establishments, a sauna, hot tub, and pool. All meals provided to visitors during their stay are sourced from organic farms and are focused on providing a well-balanced diet as developed by physicians. The centre also firmly believes in promoting environmental sustainability and has a policy of maintaining zero single-use plastics for day-to-day activities.

Adhitya Ayurveda suggests therapies based on Ayurvedic guides for visitors examining to relieve extended stress and exhaustion or aspiring physical and mental revitalization from any mixture of minor physical conditions. Doctors will lead an initial diagnosis, and the most advanced treatment technique also be specified to visitors. The treatments are offered in various durations, and guests are allowed to visit some of the popular attractions nearby with the consent of their doctors, who will monitor the progress of their overall health.

7. Sen Wellness Sanctuary

Sen Wellness Sanctuary is a tranquil haven for those seeking to immerse themselves in the healing miracles of nature and experience the ancient recovery of an Ayurveda retreat, Meditation Retreat, Yoga, Weight Loss Retreat or Detox Retreat with meditation lessons. Place lodged in between an idyllic space of sandy beach along the southern Sri Lankan coastline and a peaceful lagoon within the Rekawa Nature Reserve, offering to heal and encouraging freedom for you to significantly rest and be cared for by a friendly and attentive team from Sen Wellness Sanctuary.
Cabanas are created and constructed with sensitiveness to the natural surroundings and ground; the cabanas are reached by a grown wooden walkway that shows glances of a wealthy display of birds and nature among the trees. Spaces are artfully equipped with natural fabrics and locally crafted commodities. The natural and tiniest design of the restrooms glorifies the dexterous craftsmanship of local craftspeople utilising the very finest of local materials.

8. Kalundewa Retreat

You will discover an excellent explanation for your quest for a Sri Lanka meditation retreat from the Kulundewa Retreat among the magical mountains of Kalundewa. Foremost, dip into a peaceful state of sanity that meditation offers amidst the peace, or opt for a session of nature purification yoga at diverse sheltered establishments at the property, encircled by acres of vegetation that face the magnificent mountain range. Further, relish authentic and rejuvenating spa treatments at the mini spa and experience a release with a distinction that will give you inner serenity, spirit and delight.
Wake up to the sounds of nature; a harmonious lake, rustling trees or birds twittering amid a paddy field. Allow the day to evolve as the mist displays magnificent mountaintops that blend with the green terrain. And also, unwind as your butler obeys your every prerequisite. Notice the harmony of untouched wilderness and stylish, trendy sets that perspective for an unforgettable holiday at a distinctive boutique hideaway in Sri Lanka.

9. The Kandy Samadhi Centre

The fertile landscape and architecture of the location inspire mediation. The Kandy Samadhi Centre, nestled among the lush greenery of the Kandyan cliffs, is your sanctuary from the city and all the anxiety it brings. The porch of each suite provides ample paddy fields offering you a sensation of supreme aloneness without the restraint of fences. Encircled by Kandyan murals and antiques, the Kandy Samadhi Centre allows you to engage in yoga and bring the advantage of a broad range of Ayurvedic treatments during your visit.

Fifty minutes northeast of Kandy, the fertile landscape becomes a mass of lush vegetation reverberating with unfamiliar birdsong. The human populace, too, seems a different breed, profligate with smiles and allowing their abundant good seated descanted to dribble over and cloak the guest. 

10. Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort

Underwritten by a 200-year-old heritage in the Ayurveda method, the Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort and Spa offers a broad scope of therapeutic packages for most sicknesses or health requirements. It is scattered over seven acres of tropical & indigenous trees, herbal healing plants, vines and brushes. It overlooks the Indian Ocean, provided under the professional care of residents, medics, visiting consultants and hospital-trained therapists. In addition, the Ayurveda centre is the only one in the nation affiliated with a Siddhalepa Ayurveda hospital with admission to a range of medications made to ISO standards by the Group in its factories.
Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort Wadduwa, which features among Sri Lanka yoga retreats contributing expert guidance on keeping a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle; visitors will be provided with a wealth of areas in which to experience the age-old traditions of Ayurveda and yoga, therefore ensuring a profound relationship and understanding of one’s inner being. Participate in various yoga professions that supervise proper body postures, principles of breath, and absolute attention amidst a hosteler of others that contribute to eliminating multiple diseases and illnesses.

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